Exploitation of religious beliefs from a dating service

While watching T.V. tonight, a commercial for a Christian dating service came on. The ad started, “You’re single, you’re Christian, and you’re looking for a meaningful relationship. Find God’s match for you at christianmingle.com.” First, I think a Christian dating service is a good idea. For people who very devout in their faith, it makes sense that they would want to meet others with the same belief system. I get that. My problem is with the line, “find God’s match for you.”

I don’t care which way you spin it, a dating service is a business. Christians need to make money too. There’s nothing wrong with that. Reeling people in with the idea that their matches are of divine intervention could be considered brilliant advertising. I call it morally and ethically deplorable.

It is an online dating service. Let me repeat that. It is an online dating service. It’s no different from any other. I am sure there are some wonderful people truly looking for the loves of their lives there. I am also sure there are a whole lot of people who misrepresent themselves and outright lie about who they are. There is no heavenly power directing you to your future spouse.

I read a lot of reviews of the site from several different sources. The overall consensus is pretty negative. The impression seems to be that because it is a Christian site, that there will be more trustworthy people. I guarantee you that dishonest people don’t limit themselves to non-religious sites.

Please, christianmingle.com just advertise for what you are: a place for Christians to meet other Christians. Saying that this is a place to find God’s match for you is right on par with the claims of psychic networks.


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  1. I had this whole reply written about eharmony.com and how they are secretly a christian dating site. But not wanting to give false information I went to check it out and I was wrong (for a change)! Either they’ve had a few encounters with some lawyers, or they’ve been bombarded with LGBT’s. 🙂

    Years ago I had tried to join eHarmony thinking that I would find my “soul mate” since that’s what they were claiming. But not only did they not accept Gay and Lesbian clients but they had a whole explanation as to why, a whole page devoted to the people they “cast” out, explaining why not only would they not accept us but either would God. I was shocked, this was a website for dating not Midnight mass.

    I just went there now however and not only have they made a rainbow exception but they also made a branch of their site geared towards: Asian, Black, Christian, Senior, Jewish, Hispanic, Local, a few countries and even international. I’m shocked actually.
    They even have a guide for single mothers entering the dating arena. They support a sister site called just momies which is cute since I’m sure (well outside of my spectrum of course, lol) that their site has created more than a few offspring.


    • Somebody else commented (on facebook) about eHarmony secretely being a Christian dating site. I don’t have any experience with the site, so I can’t really speak about it. It’s interesting that they changed it though . . . I may have to research that further and see what happened.


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