An excellent vet visit

We took our fur balls to the vet today. We have a 15-year-old cat named Marty and a 2-year-old ferret named Charlie. I have never been on top of taking my pets to yearly vet visits, but Marty’s getting old and I wanted to have him checked out. Charlie has only been with us for a week and he’s been sneezing a lot (which I know is normal for ferrets, but this seemed over the top). There was no question as to where I was going to take them. My family has been going to see Dr. Walls for years. The last time I saw him was 15 years ago when he spayed my last cat. He was also the vet who put down one of my cats when she was really sick. It’s been a long time, but I remembered how wonderful he was. I mentioned that I had taken my cats to him years ago and I was pleasantly surprised to hear that he remembered me.

I could not have been happier with our experience today. He has walk in hours on Saturday mornings, which is great for someone like me (who sucks at scheduling). There were two pups ahead of us, so we had a little bit of a wait. We took the boys in together and he took a look at Marty first. I have to admit I was nervous because it had been so long since Marty had a check-up. Because of his age I was preparing myself for some hidden issue. He does have cataracts in both eyes, but otherwise was perfectly healthy.

We brought Charlie out and I explained the sneezing. As soon as I put Charlie on the table he had a fit so bad that he almost fell off the table! As it turns out, Charlie’s allergic to cats. Go figure! I thought, “fabulous, what do I do now?” but Dr. Walls answered that question before I even asked it. He gave us a mix of amoxicillin and Benadryl and told us to give Charlie a half a dropper full twice a day. We have to give him a call back Thursday to see how well it worked.

I ended up paying $75 for everything, which was certainly better than I was expecting. Dr. Walls is not only a great veterinarian, but he’s a very pleasant person to be around. There was no stress, for us or our fur balls and I feel a lot better knowing that babies are healthy!


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  1. Posted by pawsitivelife on February 19, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    Whenever I take any of my four ferrets to the vet the bill is usually over 500$. Good for you!


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