We Dare: A sexy new game for Wii and PS3

I came across this video on YouTube today (thank you Joi), for a new video game for the Nintendo Wii and PS3. It’s supposed to be released next week in Europe, but there is a huge backlash against both the game itself and the game’s 12+ rating by the Pan European Game Information (PEGI).

What is We Dare? It’s marketed as, “a sexy, quirky, party game that offers a large variety of hilarious, innovative and physical, sometimes kinky, challenges. The more friends you invite to party, the spicier the play!” It simulates kissing, spanking and strip teasing. It’s a game for adults and honestly, I think it looks like a hell of a lot of fun! I came across a lot of comments saying that this game should not be released at all. I think that’s ridiculous. If you walk into any Spencer’s, you’ll find games that are a lot racier than this one.

I do not agree with the 12+ rating, and I do hope that they change that before the release. Either way, I don’t think it matters all that much for the concerned parent’s child. There are video games depicting theft, assault, and even murder. They’ve been around for ages. The point is that if you don’t want your child to play them, don’t allow your child to play them. Simple enough.

It is not Ubisoft’s job or Nintendo’s job or even PEGI’s job to parent our children. There have always been games, activities, T.V. shows, movies, etc. that are inappropriate for children and teens. There always will be. It is a parent’s job to monitor what his/her child is playing or watching. I am actively involved in everything my daughter is exposed to. I will continue to be just as active as long as she lives under my roof.

Of course kids will still get their hands on inappropriate material, regardless of what rating it has. Teenagers will also sneak of out their houses on a Saturday night. They’ll play games of Spin the Bottle. Many of them will even have sex and do drugs. When I was high school I knew how to get my hands on guns, drugs, or damn near anything else I wanted. What stopped me from doing it? Good parenting.

Please stop blaming the media for how our children act. A video game is not going to make teenagers have sex, experiment with bi-sexuality, have orgies, or participate in S & M activities any more than a video game is going to make a teenager steal a car, sell drugs (I had Dope Wars on my TI-83 calculator in 10th grade), or burst into spontaneous karate and kill someone with a Head Pop or Red Heart Rip (I also played Mortal Kombat when I was 12 years old).

We Dare looks like a sexy and fun game for grown-ups, and I plan on getting my hands on it even if they never release it in the U.S.!


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