Getting involved with One Step Away

This afternoon I attended an editorial meeting for One Step Away, Philadelphia’s first street newspaper. I met and spoke with the editor, the Resources for Human Development employees who work on the paper, and the writers for One Step Away. I listened to the passion in the room as ideas were discussed. It was a “guided chaos”, Kevin, the editor of OSA, called it. And it was. And it was inspiring to watch.

Before the meeting began, I was able to speak to some of the writers, men and women who live or have lived in Philadelphia shelters. I spent a nice portion of that time talking with a man who is collaborating on a comic strip/book about addiction in all its nitty-gritty glory. His artistry and vision were incredible.

I stayed quiet during the meeting because one, I wanted to just get an idea for what the process for OSA is all about, and two, because it was a bit difficult to get a word in with all of the strong voices in the room! Honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted to. It was their words, their stories, their opinions, their passion. They were being heard, and it was obvious how important that was.

After the meeting, Kessel (who attended with me) and I spoke with the editor about how we can get involved. At the very least we can provide copy editing support. There are also some writing opportunities for stories that have not already been picked up. There’s a woman with a wonderful success story that should be told. I will have the pleasure of interviewing her and sharing her journey with OSA.

I am truly grateful to become a part of this amazing project. I am looking forward to working with the writers, meeting some wonderful new people, and doing at least a small part to help make a positive change in the world around me.


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