I’m a rhinoceros with glasses

That’s what I was told anyway . . . a few weeks ago in a comment on my blog about the GA bill proposing criminal investigations for miscarriages. Here is the exact quote, “You like a rhinoceros with glasses; how can anyone – reasonably – take you serious?” Now I don’t mind a disagreement on something I post. I love debate. I love hearing others’ opinions (even the ones that I find ludicrous). I will not, however, approve comments that are purely personal attacks having nothing to do with the topic in question.

I trashed the comment, but didn’t delete it from the trash bin. I couldn’t do it. Why? It cracks me up! First off, I was more annoyed by the poor grammar than the equivalent insult of “four-eyes with a big nose”. I was actually tempted to approve it because of its hilarity, but I felt no desire to promote more readers to his site after such a juvenile response.

So, I figured what the hell . . . Let me share the comment in its own blog without disclosing the apparent 12-year-old who wrote it. And I ask you . . . should I not be taken seriously because I wear glasses and have, as my mother so lovingly called it, an Adair/Gabel witch nose? 😛

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  1. Posted by poolman on March 27, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    That’s crazy! Did you tell them the only similarity was the tough skin? 😉

    I find it so lame when people go for the personal insults when they can’t actually debate the issues. It’s so schoolyard and the grammar generally cracks me up. You know they’ve lost the argument when that is all they have to offer but need to get in the very last word.

    I really get some of them fired up occasionally with my comments. Hopefully none will ever stroke out! I think I’ve been called about everything in the book on one occasion or another. People never consider their written words are quite permanent and will judge them on down the road. Silly humans.


    • Aw, thanks 🙂

      I wanted let him know that maybe I would take him more seriously if he knew how to construct a proper sentence!

      All in all, I just find it hysterical. School yard is exactly what it is . . . “oh yeah, well . . . well . . . You’re a doo doo head!”


  2. […] I am a rhinoceros with glasses. […]


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