Today’s yard sale: More than a financial profit

I’m inherently a recluse. I am perfectly content to go about my business and come home and stay there. Maybe it’s because I’ve moved so much (current count is 19 times), but I just have very little need to know my neighbors. Every so often, however, things come up that get me out and social with those on my block . . . and I always enjoy it. Today was one of those days.

Money has gotten a little tight lately, as I’m sure many people can relate to. Last week Kes and I decided to organize a yard sale. In one week we gathered a ridiculous number of things from around the house, cleaned them, replaced the batteries, and priced them. We posted a listing on Craigslist, but didn’t put any signs up until this morning because it rained all day yesterday. I woke up and saw the sun shining and couldn’t wait to get outside and sell, sell, sell! And we did. We made well over our goal, but that wasn’t the best part of the day.

I met a woman and her daughter from across the street. The daughter has a little girl who’s 3 years old. The little girl will be enjoying some of Abby’s old toys.

I met a woman walking her adorable dog. I played with the pup while she gave me advice on adopting from the SPCA.

We had a really nice talk with a Jehovah’s Witness woman who was walking by. I admit that I typically avoid the JWs when I’m walking down the street. Kes is a former JW, so anything I want to know, I tend to ask him. But belief differences aside, it was a really interesting conversation, and I enjoyed it. She hasn’t changed my beliefs, and while I never say never, the odds are pretty high that she never will. What she did do is give me an interest in learning about a religion that I’ve never been interested in learning about before. In fact, I’m actually seriously considering attending the Lord’s Evening Meal that she invited us to.

I spent a half an hour talking to one of the 4 brothers who live a couple of doors down. I learned that they moved here with their parents just 4 months ago from Iraq. This boy and his brothers hung out with us on and off throughout the day. When it came time to clean up, two of the boys just started grabbing things and helping us put them away. There were certainly some language barriers, and by the time we packed up I was wishing I knew Arabic. These kids, all of them, are some of the sweetest, most well-behaved, respectful kids that I have ever met.

We met an outstanding future businessman. This kid wanted a pack of Pokémon cards that we were selling for $5, but he didn’t have any money. So he said to Kes, “If I get 5 people to come here and buy something, will you give me a pack of Pokémon cards?” Of course, Kes agreed. When I found out about their deal and saw the kid working his pitch on every neighbor he saw, I was totally prepared to give up the cards either way. But sure enough, he came through with 5 customers, putting an extra $15 in our pockets. And he walked home with his cards.

We met a woman, her daughter, and her 1-year-old granddaughter from down the street. They bought Abby’s old Dora kitchen and the little girl loved it! They came back later and the little girl was holding a spoon from the kitchen set. It felt really good to see someone enjoying something that’s been collecting dust in my basement for 2 years.

It’s been a fabulous day, and I’m grateful not just for the money but for the experiences as well.

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  2. Awwww, the little boy salesman sounds so cute! I’m glad he got his cards. 🙂
    Sounds like it WAS definitely more than a yard sale, you met new people, learned new things and made a lot of people happy! How awesome!


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