The Baby Bullet: The best new way to waste your money

I love ridiculously unnecessary baby/kid products. They make me laugh. Here’s the latest one to have had me rolling on the floor laughing (ok, maybe I wasn’t laughing that hard).

The Baby Bullet

OR . . . you can take your $10 food processor (well, I have a $10 food processor – I think I bought it at a yard sale), grind up your food and store it little containers you can get from the dollar store. I use masking tape to label mine with dates.

Oh, wait, but then I wouldn’t have the cute little smiley faces. And I wouldn’t be able brag to all my friends about how I spent $140 on this oh so fabulously unnecessary baby food making product from As Seen on TV. Oh, I would actually have to go find a sharpie and the tape . . . and then I’d have to actually write the date and rip the tape. ::Sigh:: They’re right. It’s too much work. Let me go buy a Baby Bullet!


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  1. I have a friend that bought one of these systems. I’m not sure if it’s the Baby Bullet or something similar. I had to really, REALLY hold myself back from scoffing at her. I mean, sure…it’s nice and all… But even my pediatrician told me just to buy a food processor instead of buying pre-made baby foods. And you can buy silicone ice cube trays to freeze portions and then just put them into a ziploc baggy…or use the Dollar Store containers. Whichever.

    I am loving reading through your blog posts. Found you through Blogathon 2011, by the way.


    • I tie this one right in with the Your Baby Can Read thing! As parents, we’re a salesman’s dream! For everything I spout off about, I can’t even say that I’ve never been duped. Hell, my ex-husband and I bought a minivan when I was pregant with my daughter (my first and only child) because we were sucked into all the safety features!

      Oh, and kudos to you for holding yourself back . . . I don’t think I could have done it!

      Thanks for checking out my blog! I’m headed over to yours now 🙂


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