Today’s trip to the laundromat: It’s the little things in life that make me happy

Laundry had to get done today. I mean, it really, really had to. My daughter didn’t have any clean uniforms left. I was completely out of clean pants . . . except sweats and it’s become way too warm for sweats! Kes was walking around the house in a towel because his kilts were dirty. Yes, my boyfriend wears kilts and he looks damn sexy in them. Just sayin’.

But I just could not wake up today. Kes had already agreed to take Abby to school, so when I woke up at 10 after 7 to realize everyone else was still asleep, I jumped up and got the two of them dressed and out the door in 15 minutes (which, by the way, means that it is totally possible for both of them, so I’m not listening to anymore excuses). Then I went back to sleep. My plan was simple. I would sleep till 9am and then head to the laundromat. The mornings are usually the least crowded, and trying to do my laundry while fighting over carts and driers makes for an extremely miserable day.

Well guess what. I didn’t wake up until almost noon! Oh well this was going to be just fabulous!

I procrastinated. I checked my email. I read a few blogs. I played on Facebook. Eventually, I got up and grabbed the clothes. Well, first I had to hunt for socks in my daughter’s room. More of her clothes end up on the floor than end up in the basket, and I have a ferret who has a fetish for socks. In that process, I also found 2 pairs of Kes’ socks, my winter gloves, and a pair of gardening gloves.

I packed the clothes into my wagon and started my trek to the laundromat, all the while dreading the hunt for washers and driers. I had been there at this time before. It was not fun.

I walked into the laundromat around 2pm to see almost no one else there! That’s right, maybe two or three other people were doing laundry, but that was it! Oh, how these little things make me happy!

I loaded up the washers and sat down with my phone, my notebook, and my day planner. I spread out across an entire table without one inkling of guilt because there were 5 empty tables! I played on Facebook, read some blogs, and even got some work done. I switched my laundry without having to hunt down a drier and sat down to get back to my Facebooking, blog reading, and working.

Then it came time to fold the clothes. Not only was there an empty folding table, but there were TWO empty folding tables right next to each other! I have this thing about sorting my clothes as I fold them so that they can all go neatly back in the basket and be put away one drawer at a time when I get home. Oh, this was perfect!

It really is the little things in life that make me happy. One silly little trip to the laundromat set my mood for the rest of the night.

Oh, and another added bonus — I love going to the laundromat because I get to watch Judge Judy, a show I would never, ever watch at home, but that I find ridiculously entertaining while folding my clothes!

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Jealous. Love men in kilts. Damn. 😀


    • Hehe . . . Isn’t there just something incredibly sexy about it?!


      • Oh, definitely! Used to go to the Highland Games out here just to…take in the ambiance! Hehe…Its a “fashion trend” I’d looooooooove to see come back around! Well, for some guys, anyway!


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