Your baby can’t read and I told you so

Awhile back I posted a blog called, “Your Baby Can Read! Uh, No, He Can’t . . . “ In the post I explained that all this product did was to teach your baby to memorize. Well, now I’m back to say, I TOLD YOU SO!

Ok, all joking aside, I was thrilled to come across this story. They have experts explain what I already knew (and what I’m sure any teacher could have already told you). More importantly, they’re going after Your Baby Can Read. A complaint has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission stating that deceptive marketing was used to persuade parents to buy their materials. All $200 of them. Well, it’s about time!

Maybe now parents can stop shelling out a ridiculous amount of money on something they can give their babies/children for free!


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  1. I’ve always believed this to be a farce as well, coming from an education background myself. I found it funny to hear they were giving it away to a bunch of callers tonight on a radio advertisement. Almost made me want to get it just for the flash cards and books – to keep or pass on for emergent readers in the school system (as in kindergarteners, not 1-year-olds).

    And the other thing….I can’t even fathom how expensive the whole package is! It doesn’t make sense. Or does it just not make sense because as teachers we have to create most of those materials for a lot less?


    • Every time I saw the commercial, I’d get irritated!

      I think parents are the most easily duped market. We really want to do what is best for our kids. It is so easy to get sucked into all the hype over the newest and greatest product out there. So, it doesn’t really surprise me that people will spend $200 on some flash cards and dvd’s.

      But I think you are absolutely right about the teachers’ mindset because of creating their own materials. I’ve had all of my daughter’s toy bins labeled (pictures and words) since she was 2 1/2. I used my digital camera and printed the pictures on regular paper (once I got fancy and printed them from the drug store at 15 cents each), and I used index cards for the words. Total investment was all of $3 – ish!


  2. Posted by Miss Anita on May 15, 2011 at 3:22 am

    I just realized that I read this a few days ago, but forgot to comment. {sigh}

    Anyway, soooooo glad to see a post about this! I wanted to smack the TV every time I saw one of those commercials. I just wish so many people hadn’t gotten scammed. It shows how desperate some people are to have “smart” kids. But I say… If you want your kid to be smart, think about reading a book to them. Have a real conversation. Speak using proper grammar yourself. And when you do choose to read a book to them, read something other than just “See Spot Run”. Spend some time with your children. Be an example! You’d be surprised what can happen, and it won’t cost a thing! There’s my .02!


    • Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes! . . . . I agree with your 2 cents 100% (hahaha, that rhymed)!

      Oh, and . . . . . WORD!

      (I should maybe refrain from answering my comments in the wee hours of the morning . . . . . Nah!)


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