Let James Tate go to prom

My senior prom was a long time ago, but I still remember every detail. I remember nervously wondering who I would go with. I remember trembling at a Valentine’s dance when I pulled a friend aside and asked him to go with me (he had hinted for a few months that he wanted me to ask him). I remember the absolute elation when he said yes.

The night of my prom, he was 3 hours late to pick me up . . . in his defense, he just finished a 72 hour shift in the Coast Guard and was driving down from Massachusetts (to Philly, for those who didn’t already know). I sat in my backyard in my white prom dress smoking cigarettes and calling him every 30 seconds.

Finally at the prom we had a great time, even when the power went out. The vocal majors picked up on this opportunity, and so we never missed a second of our fabulous prom. We went back to my boyfriend’s mom’s house so that we could get changed to go bowling. Instead, he fell asleep in the living room and I spent my after prom listening to him snore.

Nothing went as planned. Nothing. And the memories are still worth every penny that I spent on it!

That is what I thought of when my boyfriend shared this story with me the other day. I thought about how wrong it is that James Tate from Shelton, Connecticut was going to be kept from creating those memories. And why? Because he placed letters on the school building asking a girl to the prom. According to the school officials, he risked his life and was trespassing. His punishment was a suspension AND a banning from his prom.

Ridiculous. Ridiculous I say! A slap on the wrist. Some community service. A stern lecture and a “go clean that up.” Those would have been sufficient.

This was a few days ago, and I don’t know if anything has changed since then. There is a Facebook Fan page now that you can “Like” if you think James should be allowed to go to his prom. Go “Like” it now! Everyone deserves those priceless memories!


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  1. Posted by Tammy W on May 14, 2011 at 12:53 am

    Dayle, I totally agree! This is a classic example of school administration’s flexing its muscles in order to make an example of one of the kids they probably wish the others would be more like. I wouldn’t have known about this if it weren’t for your post. Thanks for cluing me in!


    • I think they even said that he’s a straigh A student who has never been in trouble before.

      What I think is great is that mayor of the town actually got involved to say that the punishment did not fit the crime and he should be allowed to go to prom! I do home the school listens to public outcry (the FB page has almost 200,000 “likes”).

      I can tell you that if a boy did that for me in high school, I would have melted right there! (Hell, if a boy did something like that for me now, I’d melt – *cough* hint hint Kes *cough*)


  2. That’s ludicrous! I agree with you!


    • It makes me sad. It makes me wish I lived in Connecticut (which I didn’t abbreviate because I don’t know the abbreviation and I’m too lazy to look it up) so that I could go yell at the principal in person!


  3. That’s ridiculous, Dayle. Here in India, it is even worse. Everyday we get to hear of some punishment so humiliating that sometimes students commit suicide.

    Enjoyed your story. 🙂


    • Wow . . . that’s rough . . . I admit that I’m a typical American in that I’m very unaware of many issues in other countries . . . Though I am trying to become more informed!

      On a side note (and I’ve been meaning to post an update), the principal caved! She claimed that too much class time was being wasted because of students talking about the James Tate issue, and as educators their first priority is fascilitating learning, yadda yadda yadda (in other words, the 200,000 people I pissed off with this decision finally got to me)!


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