Remembering when I was the parent of a toddler

I wrote this on June 20, 2006. My daughter was about a year and a half old. I was just rereading some old journals, found this one, and couldn’t help but smile. I remember the day that I wrote it, but I can barely remember the child I had at the time. I’m looking over at her sleeping right now and can hardly imagine that she used to be so small. My baby girl is growing up, and I’m just trying to hold on to every second that I can!

Calculators do not belong in VCR’s

When they're being *really* quiet, there is probably a good reason for it!

And neither do CD’s or pens or puzzle pieces. Also, cups, diaper rash cream, empty water bottles, and remote controls do not belong in the broiler. Pictures should not go in stereo speakers. I do not want to wash the digital camera with my laundry. I would prefer if my cell phone stayed out of my water glass. It is not wise to put more food in your mouth than you are able to chew. And I do find it rather disgusting when said food is in turn spit into my hand. When we go shopping, remember that not everything you can reach from the stroller is yours. Cereal bowls should not be worn as hats (when the cereal is still in them) . . . especially right after you have had a bath. Sharpies and carpets do not mix well. Would you mind telling me how you manage to find every little thing that I swear I put out of your reach?

I adore getting hugs for no reason. Watching you dance puts the biggest smile on my face. I almost cry when I watch you reading books to your baby dolls because I realize one day you will be reading books to a real baby and then you won’t be my baby anymore. I never knew I could be so proud of a completed puzzle. I lie in bed some mornings just listening to you sing to yourself. I love that you have to take your pocketbook and cell phone with you whenever we leave the apartment. I know I will miss the days when I read you the same book 15 times in a row. Just seeing your smile is enough to make me feel like the luckiest person alive. And I’ll take pencils in my VCR and washing cereal out of your hair just to see that smile every day.


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  1. Posted by Carolyn Holcomb on May 31, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Don’t believe that you are crazy….just a loving Mom! I miss my girls being little, but enjoy the young ladies that they have become.


    • Thanks Carolyn! I certainly enjoy my daughter at this age and I know I will enjoy her as she grows, the time just really does go too fast!


  2. Dayle – What a sweet post. “Never knew I could be so proud of a completed puzzle” – love this line, and it makes me also think of the puzzle of our own children as they grow, and how our pride swells with each milestone. So glad you have recorded all these memories so you won’t forget and can visit them whenever you want.


    • Thank you! I love that analogy to the “puzzle of our own children as they grow”!

      I want to pull everything together . . . I have stuff written on my MySpace blog from years ago, stuff hand written in books, I have an old livejournal, and now this blog and goodblogs . . . I want to get everything saved on a disc, so it’s all in one place and I can pass it down to her 🙂


  3. Oh this is so precious! I just got a new “baby” over the weekend and I’m feeling more maternal than normal.

    “And I’ll take pencils in my VCR and washing cereal out of your hair just to see that smile every day.” Love it.


  4. Posted by Ginny on May 31, 2011 at 10:27 am

    LOVED this, Dayle! The contrast and concessions so apt. . .


  5. Dayle – Commented earlier but it didn’t seem to take. Loved this, and so glad you are saving these memories in word and photo so you can enjoy it. Love the reference to the puzzle as both literal and figurative, in the form of figuring out our kids and who they are. -Alexandra


    • ::Smile:: It took . . . for some reason I have to approve certain comments. Usually once I approve a person, I don’t have to do it again, but every now and then the system glitches. I’ve even had regular commenters go into my spam folder.

      Thanks again 🙂


  6. Awww! This is such a precious post! It makes me smile…..I long for the days when I will have my own little girl OR boy.


    • It’s definitely an exciting ride, Sharon! There are days that I’m ready to throw my daughter out the window (figuratively, of course :P) . . . I usually tell her that I’m going to and she replies, “Hahaha, you always say that and you never do it!” But she is the love of my life, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world 🙂

      I look forward to the days when I’m reading about your lil one in your blogs!


  7. This was so good…makes me miss the days when my 15 year old put a chicken bone in the vcr and for the life of us, we could not figure out why it wouldn’t play movies. When we finally found it, she soooo wanted it back. It is so wonderful how we can look back on those mommy entries and relive the days.


    • Thank you, Robyn! . . . The chicken bone story is hilarious! I’m sure it’s fun to remind your teens about all the wacky things they did when they were little!


  8. Such a beautiful tribute to the toddler years, Dayle! It makes me yearn for that explorative innocence again. And what a perfect picture + caption = I feel the exact same way about my kitty. If I don’t hear him, it’s because he’s up to trouble! =) Hehe!


    • Thanks Sam! The day of the picture we were on our way out the door to visit a friend of mine from college. I had an hour and half’s worth of traveling to do. I walked out of the room for two minutes and came back to that! Of course we missed our train because I spent 2o minutes with baby wipes trying to get the marker off of her!


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