My weekly check in, just a little bit late

Week 4: August 29, 2011 --- 319 lbs.

I’ve done really well this week food-wise. I’ve started to get a routine down with my produce. I go shopping every Monday or Tuesday and cut everything up as soon as I get home. My fridge is full of containers of fruits and veggies, so it’s easy for me to make a quick salad, grill up some vegetables or just munch on some carrots or cucumbers.

I have realized, however, that I need to eat more often. Most days, I only eat twice a day. I’ve noticed a decrease in my energy levels, which I am sure is just partly my body adjusting, but I also think more frequent meals and a bit more protein will help. Maybe a multi-vitamin as well.

I’ve been rather lax on the exercise thing this past week . . . mostly due to the lack of energy I mentioned above. This is the last week of summer vacation. Abby starts school next week and I believe that will help me get into and stick to a routine. I’m really, really good at writing out a schedule . . . following it is a whole nother story!

My freshman year of college, about 180 lbs. . . . Yes, that's me with Kevin Smith 🙂

Focusing on the weight is a bit of an issue for me. I am, of course, happy for any loss, but with how much weight I have to lose, the pound a week thing is driving me crazy. I know that I should not just look at numbers, but it’s difficult when I have around 160 lbs. to lose. I think I’ll feel better when I weigh less than 300 lbs.

On a more positive note, I am continuously noticing a difference in how my body feels. The fact that my pain is lessening is huge!

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  1. You are doing a fabulous job! Something that you might want to think about (if you have a blender) is making a nutrient packed smoothie in the morning. One medium banana, a handful of berries, two or three tablespoons of nut-butter (peanut, walnut, almond) and a large heaping of spinach. Add just enough water (or almond milk) to make it a milkshake consistency and go. You’ll find you have amazing energy in the mornings and if you miss a mid-morning snack, you’ll still have more than enough juice to carry you into your lunch.


  2. You are doing awesome! We’re horrible about fresh fruits and veggies around here! I buy them, and I’m the only one who eats them, so they go bad. 😦 We really need to work on that! Anyhow, even at a pound or so a week, you should be able to start out 2012 at under 300 pounds! Woo hoo!


    • Thanks, Tammy!

      Prior to this whole not-a-diet, most of our produce would go bad too. Though Abby’s really great about fruits and veggies. She’s had a celery addiction since she was 2 (I credit The Wonder Pets). I had a salad for dinner one night and she looked at it and said, “Ooohh, can I have some lettuce please?!” I love it!

      I think the hardest part of this number thing is that I hovered around 290 for a couple of years. Then when I quit smoking, I gained over 30 lbs. I lost it within a few months and then gained it back again. So in the last 6 or 7 months, I have gained, lost and gained 30+ lbs. (Which is, I’m sure, the reason for all the extra pains I’ve been having over the last few months). So this over 300 thing is totally new to me and while I hated 290, I hate 320 a hell of a lot more!

      ::sigh:: But you’re right! I will get there . . . and if it takes a little longer than I would like, that’s okay. At least there is progress, which is a lot better than stagnation and a million times better than continuing to gain!


  3. One important thing is to eat! Skipping meals is not good. I count carbs for my diabetes and lost weight that way. I eat 3 meals a day and 2-3 snack a day. No more than 55 -60 carbs per meal and 20-25 for a snack at least two hours later, It keeps my blood sugar where it belongs and I have maintained the weight loss for over 2 years. Read the labels of any food you buy to check for serving size and carbs per serving. The vegetables and fruit should take up over half of your plate. Have some form of protein at every meal. Eat lean meat or fish. Plenty of whole grains, and lots of water to stay hydrated. Good luck!


    • I actually don’t buy a lot of prepackaged foods. I shop mostly at the produce market and the meat market. My carbs are very limited — A tiny bit of rice or pasta or a slice of toast twice a day.

      I have been much better this past week about my protein and I do notice a huge difference 🙂 And I have been making *some* progress with eating more frequently!


  4. Congrats on your progress, Dayle! Although it’s frustrating, I have heard that losing weight slowly means you are more likely to keep it off (counter-intuitive, I know!). Planning out what you’re going to eat makes it so much easier, and I love your technique of cutting up fruits and vegetables so you can eat them whenever you want.

    I agree with you that more protein can help with your energy–Mysti’s smoothie is a great idea to start out the day right. We make a version of the same at our house and we add raw kale instead of spinach (I know, it sounds terrible but I promise, it isn’t!)–we do frozen fruit + banana + nonfat plain yogurt + splash of milk + raw kale leaves (no stem) and splash of agave nectar or honey. But since i know you like spinach, start with spinach and work up to kale :). You can also add ice too to bulk it up a bit.

    Also, one thing that works for me (leftover from “The Zone” plan)–any time you have a fruit or veg snack, add a little protein with it–low fat cheese stick or a few slices of deli turkey etc. It will keep you going!


    • Thanks, Alexandra!

      I actually love kale, so I’ll try that too 🙂

      I try not to keep too much cheese in the house because that’s one of my huge weaknesses. I LOVE cheese 😛 If it’s in the house, it’s much too tempting to put it (and a lot of it) on everything. But I’ve been trying to have some extra cooked meat in the fridge that’s easy to throw into salads or my grilled veggie mixes. Usually chicken. So, I’ve been taking your advice about throwing a bit of protein into all of my snacks 🙂


  5. 1. You’re doing great. I agree completely about the carbs…since I have the diabetes thing too, I’m on the same program. Protein will help…and eating smaller meals more frequently as well. Heck, you already know just what to do!
    2. Ditto on the veggies. Used to throw them out en masse…until the diabetes thing happened. Now, just like you, I cut up the veggies right when I get them. We rarely throw them out now.


    • Thank you so much 🙂

      Cutting the veggies helps soooo much! It’s also helping me to realize exactly what I eat in a week. I typically end up with left over lettuce, but I run out of broccoli, mushrooms and peppers a few days early . . . so I know to buy more of those next time!

      Hehe about Kevin Smith! He spoke at my school my freshman year of college and stayed afterwards for pics and autographs. It was awesome 🙂 My two closest friends at the time had never seen his movies — I turned them into addicts!


  6. That is SO cool that you have a picture with Kevin Smith…AND ironic since I have that blog post about him being kicked off the plane because of his weight and everything…..
    Do you actually know him or you had just met him?

    Great job with the weight loss, I admire your willpower and wish for some of it…..Keep up the good work and like your friend tallygilly said, dropping slower IS supposed to be better, although I can totally understand and appreciate how frustrating that is!


    • Yeah, we were both much thinner back then 😛

      He came to speak at my school and stayed for pics and autographs afterwards. I think I have more pictures on FB. I’ll have to check. I did see Walt Flannigan and Bryan Johnson at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash a few times too :p (The Stash is comic store that Kevin Smith owns in Red Bank, NJ – we used to take road trips up there every so often).

      Thank you! I KNOW the slower thing is better, but I still don’t like it 😛 LOL


  7. Wow, Dayle…you are doing great. Hang in there. I’m sure getting your daughter in the routine of school will help, too. My daughter loves celery, too, because of the Wonder Pets! With peanut butter, of course. Everything tastes good with peanut butter!
    So glad you are feeling less pain – just try to focus on that the most!


    • Thank you, Anne!

      Abby will eat the celery plain, but her favorite snack lately has been “ants on a log” — celery with peanut butter and a few raisins! (And yes, everything does taste good with peanut butter!

      I am definitely trying to focus on the lack of pain, especially with day to day things. I walked around the Franklin Institute yesterday for about 4 hours and had very few moments when I felt like I had to sit. 🙂


  8. “On a more positive note, I am continuously noticing a difference in how my body feels. The fact that my pain is lessening is huge!On a more positive note, I am continuously noticing a difference in how my body feels. The fact that my pain is lessening is huge!”

    SO SO SO happy for you about the lessening pain! As someone who has pain every day, I can relate to the euphoria of finding something that helps. You’re doing an awesome job!


  9. Posted by Shawna on August 31, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    Cutting up your veggies ahead of time is a great approach. It really saves you when you’re starving and are just about to reach for something unhealthy.


    • That’s exactly it, Shawna! I have to have something easy to grab. I’m eating between working, taking care of my daughter and taking care of my 7-month-old niece. It’s soooo much easier to grab junk. I’ve also been making a point of just not having that stuff in the house. 🙂


  10. Hey Dayle! I had something that I wanted to share with you. Several years ago I saw Wynonna Judd on Oprah and one thing that she said has always stuck with me. She was talking about her weight and how she didn’t focus on the pounds she was losing, instead she looked at things like how many inches she had lost or how long she could hold a note. I thought that made a lot os sense. (Though not much of what she says does! Lol) Just continue focusing on how much better your body feels and let that encourage you when the numbers aren’t what you hoped. 🙂 Congratulations on your progress! 🙂


    • Thank you, Paula! I am definitely trying to focus on the lack of pain. I really like the “how long she can hold a note” part — I can’t sing so that doesn’t really apply, but I love the idea of it 🙂


  11. How exciting! I remember when I used to jog a lot, there were really subtle differences in my body and mood. =) Those tiny changes were so motivating! =)

    I’m also going to try and learn from you about cutting up fruits and vegetables as soon as you get home. That sounds more manageable! =) I’m not getting enough fruits and veggies in my life. =P


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