7 posts from 7 months of blogging

I started blogging just over seven months ago. The fact that there are seven categories here has nothing to do with that. I just thought it made a fun title 😉

A couple of months ago, Sharon posted a blog about picking 7 different posts from 7 different categories. She was supposed to tag so many people to continue with their own posts, but she couldn’t choose, so she opened it up to all of her readers. I’m following suit . . . I can’t choose either!

This was pretty fun to do . . . interesting to say the least. I would totally love to hear all my fellow bloggers’ responses!

  1. Most Beautiful Post — I chose two blogs for this one, though they relate to each other. They’re beautiful to me because of the sentiment they express – the love I have for my family. “A tribute to my Uncle Tom” and “A tribute to my Aunt JoAnne
  2. Most Popular Post — Based on page views, it’s “Mr. Clean – A Sequel to Mr. Messy” – but that’s a little unfair. That post received over 1,000 views in 2 days because of Roger Hargreaves birthday! My most popular post based on “Likes” is “Four weeks and almost 10 lbs. down.” My post popular post based on unique comments is “Every Day is a New Day” (and also “I am not my fat,” but I mention that further down in the list). I think it’s pretty neat that two of my most popular posts are updates on my not-a-diet!
  3. Most Helpful Post — I wrote a lot about skin cancer and the importance of sunscreen this year. I think there was a lot of helpful information in this post – “A little unsolicited advice for Melanoma Monday
  4. Post Whose Success Surprised Me — The 5 part blog about my spiritual journey. It didn’t get a huge response, but there were a few who stuck through and read all of it, which surprised and delighted me.
  5. Most Controversial Post — “The Inevitable Abortion Blog” – for obvious reasons!
  6. Post That Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved — I can’t pick one. Like Sharon, several of my blogs didn’t get much attention at all when I first started. I did get more comments on Facebook than I did on my blogs, but I can’t remember exactly how many and what they were. There are two main blogs that have no comments/”likes” that I feel deserved them! “I have a sister, there’s nothing half about her!” and “Today’s Yard Sale: More than a Financial Profit
  7. Post I’m Most Proud of — “I am not my fat” – that post was incredibly difficult for me to write. I actually took a nap after posting it because I was so emotionally drained. I had written it in my head weeks before spreading the words across a computer screen. I hesitated with posting it, and I cried when my boyfriend told me it was the best thing I had ever written because it was so open and raw.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Yay! I have actually read a good many of the ones you highlighted, so now I need to remember to come back to this post and read the ones I haven’t yet! 🙂


  2. Posted by Anne Katherine on September 18, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    Now I get to go read all the ones I haven’t read! Hurray! 🙂


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