Saturday Sharing: WLS, the directionally challenged, white privilege, and more

Paula over at The Geeky Shopaholic recently introduced me to concept of Saturday Sharing. I think it’s awesome, so I’m stealing it!

Camylleon wrote about the continued issues of bigotry in the young adult book industry. She was inspired to write the post because of this blog that discussed the authors of a young adult fantasy novel who were told by an agency that they would pick up their book, so long as they eliminated one of their five main characters – a homosexual teen boy.

Using a writing prompt, Sharon created this short story about a secret package . . . it left me in tears!

Jen, a writer struggling to find a balance between her love of writing and her day job wrote this “short, but bitter sweet” blog.

Do personal bloggers need a niche? That’s the questioned Paula posed last week in this post.

Joianne announced the winner of her most recent contest, but more importantly, discussed her own win . . . a win through losing! Joi recently underwent weight loss surgery and she has been an incredible inspiration to me!

Samantha was given the Versatile Blogger Award and gave us a few new insights into who she is!

Are all writers directionally challenged? We came up with a theory about that while discussing Alexandra’s recent post about how “famously bad” she is with directions and how her family grounds her.

Jared discusses white privilege and a short but meaningful moment in his young life.

Shawna moved me with this poem . . . one that I am sure everyone, especially moms, can relate to.


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  1. You are awesome!


  2. What a great idea! Looks like I have even more blogs to go check out now! 🙂
    I’m actually good with directions UNLESS I get them from a guy who uses North, South, East and West…I need right, left, and what buildings and streets you pass….and if I drive a path once, I can pretty much always remember it. I guess that comes from having photographic memory….but I must say, the older I get, the more my memory starts to be a little less than what it was before. 😦
    I love your little weight loss ticker….it makes me want one but then I will have to put more time and effort into everything myself. How I wish I could find the will and motivation within myself to try again!


    • I know, I still I have to read through Paula’s! I’m just starting to get into a decent routine where I can read the blogs I already follow . . . I’m afraid to add more 😛 (But I will because I love it!)

      Oh, I am so with you on the directions and landmarks! I also joke with people that I can’t help them with driving directions, but I can get them anywhere they need to go by public transportation!

      You’ll find your motivation when YOU are ready! I always hated when people would tell me to “just” do this or “just” do that. This not-a-diet was very much like quitting smoking. *I* needed to be ready. I smoked for 17 years and then just finally decided that I was done . . . and after YEARS of trying to quit, I finally succeeded. I feel like it’s the same deal now. It’s not easy, but *I* am ready for it! . . . And you will get there, when *you* are ready! (And I will be right there in your corner supporting you the whole way!)


      • Thanks, I appreciate it! I am horrible about getting mad at people for pushing me into making changes NOW. I guess I am just stubborn at heart…the more someone tries to talk to me about dieting or anything, the more I get frustrated and less motivated. 😦
        A lot of my problem, I believe, comes from having success once and then failing…it’s harder for me to TRY again. I don’t think many people understand how I can want to lose weight so badly but not have the motivation or willpower to do what I need to do….


  3. Thief! LOL Thanks for sharing my post, Dayle! 🙂 I’m working my way through the other blogs right now, what I have read so far has been awesome! 🙂


  4. Posted by Anne Katherine on September 18, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    This is a great idea, Dayle! 🙂


  5. I love this! But next time, I shouldn’t read emails on my phone because I thought this was spam! LOL, oops.

    Thanks for the shout-out! And for such a great idea!


  6. Dayle – This is such a great idea! You’re like my own reference blog librarian :). And you are so sweet to include me in your roundup. -Alexandra


    • ::Smile:: When Paula started doing it, I thought it was an excellent idea and I knew I had to start using it 🙂

      I love your blog, Alexandra, so no problem at all! (Btw, every so often, I totally want to call you “Alex” but only because I tend to shorten everyone’s name! But you never call yourself Alex – and Alexandra does seem to fit you better . . . I think I’ve just always been jealous because my name doesn’t have a nickname :P)

      Thank you for the Tweet today too! You are awesome!


      • You are so welcome ! And you are very observant, I do go by Alexandra (some friends in high school called me Alex, but to be honest, I never liked it) My grandmother lectured my parents when I was born that they should give me a nickname but they refused. But my husband calls me “A” (he says all those syllables in Alexandra get “stuck” in his throat–so romantic ;). So you are more than welcome to use “A”–and it’s much shorter to type, too 🙂


      • ::Smile:: I love the sound of Alexandra . . . and I don’t mind typing the extra letters . . . It’s just habit to cut things down 😛

        Funny side note – After I was born (and named), my mom read somewhere that you shouldn’t give your child all one syllable names. If the last name was one syllable, you should choose a multi-syllable first now. Well, my maiden name is Dayle Lynne Houck (pronounced Howk), all one syllables 😛 (I always hated my last name with my first, which is why I still use my ex-husband’s name!)


  7. What a great idea to recognize your favorite finds of the week this way! =) I’m always trying to think of new ways I can recognize blogging friends who are important to me too. =) Thank you SOO much for including me, Dayle! =)


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