Saturday Sharing: Thieving banks, spammer letters, pit bulls as exercise equipment, and more

Babette at the Passionate Librarian discusses the importance of reading aloud to your children.

How do you conquer self-doubt? Samantha at What Little Things discusses just that.

Tere at Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschooling reviews the children’s book, “Night Night Blessings”.

How do you feel about the education system in America compared to that of developing countries? How about the difference in how student approach education? The Modern Mrs. Darcy discusses all of that in her recent blog post.

Shawna stole a meme from me (after I stole it from Paula) and gave us an insight into her world.

Take a look at Anita’s Desk to discover if your bank is stealing from you.

Irritated by spam messages filling your inbox? Check out Anne’s Dear Larry letter over at Bootless Cries.

Jen’s lovely pit bulls have some advice for those who need to up their exercise routine over at Wiggling Worms and Wagging Tails.

Do you blog for yourself or for others? And if you blog for yourself, what does that mean? Paula at The Geeky Shopaholic gives her explanation.

What brings you “closer to fine”? Are you an “all or nothing” personality or are you content with the small improvements? Alexandra at talleygilly provides her insight.

Remember when all of those baby items started to stock pile in your living room . . . and your bedroom . . . and well, everywhere! Or maybe you’re just discovering how much space one wee little baby can occupy like this new mom at Mommy Needs Crack is.

Today is Sharon’s 28th birthday and she takes a moment to say good-bye to 27 on her blog at The Real Sharon.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for mentioning me again! And Thanks once again for the birthday wishes! 🙂


    • You are quite welcome, on both counts 🙂

      You know what’s funny . . . I almost left you out totally by accident. I have an index card box with a section for each of my clients . . . so I can keep track of various assignments. I also have a section for Home & School stuff and for my blog. I’ve been writing down the blogs I wanted to share all week, but I hadn’t decided on one of yours yet (this you blogging every day thing makes it difficult for me to narrow it down sometimes :P). When I read your birthday post in my email (on my phone – in bed), I knew I wanted to use that one . . . but since it wasn’t on the index card, I almost forgot 😛


  2. Posted by Anne Katherine on September 25, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    Thanks, Dayle! This is such a great idea, and you are such a sweet person for spreading the love!


  3. Aww! Thanks so much for the warm mention here, Dayle! I really appreciated your comment! =) Loved Jen and Alexandra’s posts too! =) Jen’s made me smile from ear to ear and I could completely relate to Alexandra’s!


  4. Dayle – You get the award for blogger community service–I love how you bring all these great tidbits to me in one place. You are so kind to include me among this great group of writers Hope you are having a great week and sorry I am so late in getting my comment to you! -A


    • I’m so glad Paula stole this from someone else so that I could steal it from her!

      You’re awesome Alexandra, so of course I’d include you 🙂

      My week has been extraordinarily busy, but awesome at the same time . . . I hope you have been enjoying yourself!


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