Saturday Sharing: Cults, Jack-o-Lanterns, M&M’s, and more

I am always interested in receiving advice from successful writers. Alexandra shared some advice she received 20 years ago.

I’ve always found cults to be a fascinating and disturbing subject. I want to say that I could absolutely never been drawn into one, but the truth is that there were times in my life that I could see myself as susceptible. I was reminded of that when I read Jared’s posts about how close cults can be to our lives.

I totally dropped the ball with pumpkin carving (or in my case attempted pumpkin carving) this year. Tina’s family, however, went all out. Check out their Angry Birds pumpkin!

Anita shared a post earlier in the week about some horrid police brutality in Rio Di Janeiro. It’s disturbing to say the least, but an important read.

In honor of Halloween, Sharon has given us a list of towns with some rather spooky names!

Are you the kind of blogger who would win the M&M game? Read Judy’s post to find out!

Sam shared a story of university student in Peru who went missing. After more than 200 days his body was found, but many questions have still not been answered.

Are you raising a reading family? Caroline (whose name I am finally spelling correctly! not sure what that mental block was, but I’m over it) recently reviewed A Family of Readers and offered 13 Steps to Raise a NON-Reader!

Do you allow the issues of others to get under your skin? Do you get caught up wondering how people can possibly act the way they do? Jen is working towards focusing on how to be herself rather than how others can be how they are. I, for one, intend to do the same!

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  1. Thanks for the mention. 🙂


  2. Posted by Anita on October 30, 2011 at 5:16 pm



  3. You are so sweet to always include mine, THANK YOU! I need to get on the ball with writing … life needs to stop distracting me! :-p


  4. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing that post, Dayle! I’m surprised that it has received so much attention for such a local piece of drama. =P Hehe!


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