Not-dieting through the holidays

One of the 35 ghost lollis that Abby and I made 🙂

I started thinking about my holiday baking plan the other day. With all the craziness of the past few weeks, I completely forgot to bake goodies for Abby’s class today. We did make ghost lollipops, so I didn’t totally flake out! But her birthday is in 8 days, so there must be cupcakes for that.

And then of course there is the typical holiday season of baking. Pumpkin bread, apple cake, pumpkin-apple cake (recent recipe – very yummy), possibly another attempt at pumpkin pie, butterscotch brownies, sugar cookies, butter cookies, oatmeal raison cookies, peanut butter cookies . . . you get the point.

So, I’ve been thinking about all of these yummy baked goods (most of which I will make with Splenda, but still) and wondering where that will leave me with my not-a-diet.

One day's worth of baking from last Christmas

In past years when I’ve dieted and the holiday season came up, I basically abandoned all hope and gave up until mid-January. But this year is different. I’m not dieting this year.

The difference between the 5 million diets I’ve attempted and my current not-a-diet is that I do not have to deprive myself of all goodies on a not-a-diet. What I have to do is enjoy them in moderation. I’m quite certain that I will be stealing a Reese’s Cup (or two) from my daughter’s trick-or-treat bag tonight . . . but I will not be stealing 5 or 6 or 12. I will enjoy ONE slice of cake at her birthday party. On Thanksgiving . . . ok, Thanksgiving is going to be tough . . . but this Thanksgiving I’ll be meeting my boyfriend’s family for the first time (yeah, after 4 years it’s about freaking time!), so I might just be too nervous to overeat . . . good plan, good plan.

And so on and so forth.

I may not lose massive amounts of weight over the next two months, but I will continue to move in a positive direction. Just as I did this week. No massive loss, but I am down 1 lb. from last week. And once again, it’s about progress not perfection.

People have always said not to try to rush weight loss . . . they say that it took a long time to put all that weight on, so it makes sense for it take a long time to take all that weight off. I never wanted hear that. Hell, I still don’t. I want to lose 5 lbs. a week and reach my goal weight by summer. I want to look at myself in a bathing suit this year and not cringe . . . Hell, I don’t want to have to explain to my daughter again why I’m wearing a t-shirt and capris over my bathing suit when we go swimming in the ocean.

But all those people are right. It has taken me 15 years to put all this weight on. If it takes me 2 or even 3 years to get it all off, I’m okay with that. I’ve never been okay with that before. Once again, it comes down to that shift in my mind. I think the mini-goals will help quite a bit in keeping me on track with that mindset.

Until I reach that goal, I will continue to celebrate each success – no matter how small they may seem.


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  1. Your last sentence resonated with me. With big D (my eldest), looking at the big picture can be sOoooooooOOo daunting. I had the 4 hour interview last week with Disabled Child in Home describing in incredible detail the care he requires. And seeing it like that affected me deeply. Like I cut off four inches of my hair. The only other times I’ve had short hair (2 times) were because I was pregnant and didn’t know it yet and was crazy-hormonal! Anyway, to rebound from drowning in contemplation all that I do for that child daily, I went back to what I usually do which is celebrate one small success a day. Every day there is at least one thing that he did that I can be excited about. So my focus goes there and the big picture is obfuscated by my optimism of his recent accomplishment. (And it never hurts to have people praying for me too! Know that I am praying for you in your weight-loss challenge!)


    • You and D most certainly have my prayers, Ginny! I know we’ve talked about this before, but when I worked with kids with autism, I celebrated all of those “small” successes too. I 150% believe that they are *really* *really* important!

      And I think that philosophy carries over into all aspects of life . . . we push so many things aside as “not a big deal” . . . it is a big deal . . . every little baby step is still a step forward and we should be proud!


      I’m missed you quite a bit, Ginny and think about you often!


  2. “What I have to do is enjoy them in moderation.”

    That’s a lesson I definitely need to remember! 🙂


  3. Good for you! Dieting through the holidays ruins them in my opinion. But I also get stressed out around the holidays and don’t get as happy about them as most. It probably has to do with my dysfunctional family! LOL

    I think you have always been on the right track and had the right mindset. You are making yourself more healthy AND losing weight, and you shouldn’t have one without the other!


    • I am so with you on the dysfunctional family bit! Not smoking is going to take it’s toll on me . . . I want to try to get some e-cigs before the real holiday stuff starts. I think that will help with the stress and the desire to over-indulge!

      Thank you so much for all of your support!


      • Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things I ever did, but I can’t imagine going back. Once you are really “free” of it (the cravings, the constant thought of “well there’s a drink in one hand so there should be a cig in the other”) you will feel amazing. Any time I think I miss it, I just have to smell it and I’m instantly grossed out. You should get some e-cigs! Hey, I know a certain someone *ahem-Mysti-ahem* that may know a little bit about them! 😉


  4. I like the idea of mini-goals – great incentive to keep you going. And I consider it an accomplishment just to avoid gaining weight during the holidays, not even attempting to lose any. Good job!


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