Reluctantly embracing seven

Back in September, I shared some memories of what is easily the worst day of my life. Today, however, I remember the absolute happiest day of my life.

At this time, seven years ago, I was walking up and down the hallway of Pennsylvania Hospital attempting to avoid pitocin. The attempt failed and the next several hours went completely against what I had planned. Still, I was holding my beautiful baby girl at 3:53 p.m.

The past seven years have been a roller coaster, for sure. While, I’ve always looked back on my daughter’s early years with that twinge of sadness, that “where did all the time go?” feeling, I have also embraced her growing and changing. I love watching her personality blossom. But for whatever reason, seven is hitting me pretty hard.

Six still feels like a little kid. Seven seems to scream, “BIG KID!” to me. The fact that my baby girl is growing up is smacking me in the face. Just last year, I could still see remnants of her baby face, even if it was only while she slept. Those remnants are gone.

I look forward to witnessing every milestone in my daughter’s life. I look forward to watching her grow and change and evolve. I look forward to knowing the woman she will one day become. But I still mourn her early years.

I miss my lil’ pumpling. I miss the fearless toddler. I miss the double pleases (“please can I have some yogurt, please?”). I miss every moment that seemed to end before I was ever able to fully experience it.

All of that said, I adore the child, yes the big kid, that my daughter is. I love her quirks, her confidence (and she has a lot of confidence!), her independence, her compassion, her curiosity . . . everything about her. She might be a big kid to the world, but she will always be my baby.

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  1. Posted by Tammy W. on November 8, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    Oh, Dayle, you made me cry again! We mommies are such sentimental souls! “I miss every moment that seemed to end before I was ever able to fully experience it.” That perfectly describes how I feel, now! Sorry I’ve been pretty much MIA. I’m really wonky-wooed with trying to get ahead so I don’t have to work on our trip, besides trying to get other preparations made for it. I hope we can get together, but we’re waiting to get details on some family plans before we feel at liberty to plan other stuff. Hugs & misses, too!


    • Well, I certainly didn’t mean to make you cry! Of course, I think I cried for a week straight! It just goes way too fast. And it doesn’t help that Abby laughs at me every time I tell her that she needs to stop growing up 😛

      And I completely understand the disappearance. I haven’t been around as much as usual lately either. I do hope it works out so that we can get together, but I totally understand if it doesn’t.



  2. Happy birthday to your adorable 7 year old! She can always be your little girl at heart.


  3. Hope your birthday was wonderful, Abby! Dayle – I absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed that video!


  4. You are so right about the difference between 6 and 7. They are worlds apart. Seven is practically a teenager. 🙂

    Happy birthday to your sweet little girl. Today is Reggie’s birthday. But he is not 7.


  5. Hope Abby enjoyed her birthday! I watched the video you made for her…she is so adorable and has such pretty eyes! 🙂
    Watch when she gets to be a teenager….she is going to be a little heart breaker for sure!


  6. “I miss every moment that seemed to end before I was ever able to fully experience it.” – that is SO true about them…it’s so bittersweet.
    And your last line as well….she will always be your baby!
    She was an adorable baby and is an adorable 7year-old! Hope she has a wonderful day!


  7. Happy birthday to Abby! – though it’s a little late. 🙂 I enjoyed the video! I had to look up who sang that song. lol I kept thinking – “Is it the Backstreet Boys? N’Sync?” I guess my brain knew it was from the same time period. lol


    • Thank you, Paula!

      I’m guessing you already found it, but just in case, it’s Savage Garden . . . and yeah, same time period 🙂 I’ve been singing that song to Abby since she was in my belly!

      My mom used to sing “Everything I Do” to me, so I thought that was perfect for the second song. I originally intended this video to have 80 pics and last one song. I ended up with 160 pics (after I narrowed it down :P).

      I’ve set some time aside tomorrow to catch up on blogs . . . and then on Sunday since I decided that I’m taking the entire day off from work . . . so I should be up to date on your world soon!


  8. You’re welcome! And yeah, I found it, and I felt like “duh.” lol There won’t be much to catch up on at my blog. hehe Just haven’t been able to blog, but I plan on catching up this week. 🙂


  9. Posted by Anita on November 17, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    Very nice! And since we’re twins, I noticed how our babes had A LOT of the same things! Crazy! I’m glad our babes got to talk on Abby’s bday. I could hear her telling you stuff, and I didn’t even have the phone. LOL!

    All I have to say is I’m dealing with the same, but I’ve been feeling this way since my babe started talking. I keep threatening her with time-out if she doesn’t stop growing, but you already know what she has said in response to that. 😛

    Enjoy these times… while you can!


    • I loved listening to the girls talk the other day! They were cracking me up!

      They do most certainly grow too fast . . . but maybe that’s the universe’s way of making us enjoy every moment!


  10. Aww! What a beautiful video, Dayle! Somehow, I can still see baby Abby there in the big Abby picture. =) It’s crazy how time flies!


  11. […] of weeks ago, but what I neglected to mention was just how much more insane my life becomes between November 8th and New Year’s Day. Between the lil’ one’s birthday, school functions and all the holiday […]


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