Sunday Sharing: Right-brained thinking, angering moms, author events, and more

***I have caught up with most of the blogs that I follow. I’m going to attempt to not fall so far behind again!***

Sharon reflects on freedom in her recent post as she discusses how her husband’s friend was denied his.

Are you a right-brained thinker or a left-brained thinking? To my fellow right-brainers, do you ever find the need to monitor yourself so that you appear more “normal”? That’s exactly what Shawna writes about in a recent post.

Many of my friends are posting on their blogs or on Facebook the things for which they are thankful. Each day through November they post something new. Caroline is doing this on her blog. Here is one of her thankful posts.

Samantha blogs about skateboards and relates it to how we all have tendency to feel invincible.

What can you do with your two hands? Alexandra has given me a wonderful reminder with her recent post.

Halloween is over, but since I was way behind on blog reading, I just read Paula’s poem about Halloween today!

Peryl over at Aiming Low recently wrote about how to tick of a mom without even trying. I thought she was right on!

Erik, a 9-year-old who reviews children’s books on his blog (how awesome is that!) recently had the opportunity to attend an event with over 30 authors and illustrators.

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  1. Thanks for the pingback


  2. Thanks for the mention! 🙂


  3. Love this round-ups, Dayle – gives me a great source for connecting with all these great writers in one place. Thanks for all you do!!


    • You’re welcome . . . and thank you! It’s been a goal of mine to get better at sharing what I read through social media, but I always forget . . . So, I think this is a good spot for me to make up for it 🙂


  4. I always love your selection, Dayle! You follow such an amazing group of bloggers and it’s such an honor to be included in this post! Thanks so much!! =)


    • I’m glad you enjoy it! I have a lot to catch up on right now, but I’ll get there. I love your blog, Sam . . . you always share such interesting stories and put a very unique perspective on them!


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