Today is another new day

Third time’s a charm, right?

I’m starting brand new today. I’m not exactly thrilled with the updated ticker, but that’s okay.

I’m not sure if I should attribute the huge gain to holiday indulgences, way too many alcoholic beverages this past weekend or the fact that I weighed in at the gym, so there was no contending with uneven floors. I’m going with a combination of all three.

But that brings me to my big news for the week. I finally joined the gym! Kes and I signed up yesterday, but went for our first workouts this morning. We had a session with the personal trainer who got us started on a pretty basic routine. I felt really good after leaving. I had some back pain on the treadmill, but being able to hold on to the rails helped alleviate some of it.

We also signed up for their “Biggest Loser” contest. I’ll weigh in every two weeks, which is a great way of helping to keep me accountable. I’d like to win, but that’s not the main purpose. Though first prize is $500 – so how’s that for some motivation?! Second prize is a free membership for a year and third prize is a free month with the personal trainer.

As I mentioned already, I am not thrilled with the weigh-in, but it’s okay because I’m already looking forward to next week’s! I’ve changed my short-term goal. Since my last weigh-in was 315, it’s my new short-term goal to get there.

I’ve eaten really well today – Slim Fast for breakfast, a Lean Cuisine for lunch, salad with tuna for dinner and a few healthy snacks in between.

2011 was my year to quit smoking and come January 19th, I’ll have gone a full year completely cig-free. 2012 is my year for weight loss. This *will* happen because I will make it happen!


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  1. Hi Dayle!
    That’s the spirit 🙂
    Me too gained some weight over the holidays, but I’m already on diet. Anyway, I think we deserve some diet-free time at least once a year, and what better time that Christmas?
    Don’t be too hard on yourself and have fun at the gym
    Have a nice day 🙂


  2. Sounds like you’ve got a plan! That’s great–hope you win the prize! How long will the competition last?


  3. wow I am so impressed with you! Quitting cigs is so hard but you did it! Yay you! All your good moves forward really are inspiring to me. Congrats on the gym beginning, that’s huge!


    • Thank you so much, Susie!

      I’ve been horrible about the gym this week thanks to sickness and then playing catch up. But I’m looking forward to getting back! (The few days I went last week felt great!)


  4. I’m rooting for you Dayle! 🙂


  5. Posted by Anne Katherine on January 11, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS on quitting smoking! That is no small accomplishment… and your health is already so much improved in the long term from having just done that.
    I’m glad you joined a gym – the ambience and contest you’re in is sure to help! HURRAY for you! I love your attitude!


  6. The fact you quit smoking, which from what I hear, is SO hard, makes me believe you can do this too! 🙂
    You are very inspirational!


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