My new pretty pink cane

I’ve been talking about it for months. When I walk for long distances, sometimes my back pain is so intense I *need* to lean on something. Sometimes it hurts to even take a few steps because of the arthritis in my knees. So, I’ve been considering getting a cane. I knew it would help, but pride got the best of me . . . at least it did until this past Sunday.

We had a great day on Sunday. We celebrated the Lunar New Year at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. They had dancers and activities and there were other families from Abby’s school. Afterwards, we went out to lunch at the Hard Rock Café. And then we walked around the Gallery. I was having a great time . . . but I was in pain.

On our way to the train, we stopped in Rite Aid (to check out the clearance section, of course) and Kes asked me if I wanted to get a cane. And I stared them. And I said, “but, we’re going to the gym and I *know* once I lose 30 pounds or so the pain will be soooo much less!”

And Kes, “uh, yeah, and what about between now and then?”

How dare he be all logical and stuff!

So, I broke down and I bought the cane. I’ve only been out walking with it twice, but it’s definitely made a difference.

So yeah, that’s my big news of the week. It was slightly traumatic, but I’m getting over it!

I was *not* thrilled with my weigh-in this week, but I’m going with the “gained muscle” theory (there was a 3 lb. gain). However, on a positive note – I weighed myself on my house scale and I’m somewhere between 310 and 315 on that . . . which means, I didn’t gain a bunch of weight before going to the gym. The scales are just drastically different.

I have always been a scale junkie. I know this. I know it’s not really productive, but I can’t help it. I *need* to see numbers on the scale go down and when I don’t, I get discouraged and get into the whole “screw it” attitude. I think, “maybe I’m just destined to be fat forever and if that’s the case, I might as well enjoy a cheesesteak!” So the weigh-in has been really tough to move past, but I’m working on it.

I’m temporarily on a virtually carb-free diet. I know this is not something I can do long-term which makes it go against my whole not-a-diet thing, but it’s a good way to get numbers to go down quickly and at least to get me started, I need that. I do not intend to keep this up forever and will slowly reintroduce carbs once I feel I’m steadily moving in the right direction. And then I’ll work on the long-term diet.

So that’s my update, in a nutshell. Here’s hoping for happier numbers!

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  1. Posted by Karen Garnica on January 25, 2012 at 12:41 am

    carb free should drop pounds, gluten free does too, which is almost the same thing, I have gained too Dayle in two months of working out…I don’t know if i am buying the whole muscle weight gain theory, and I unlike you do not own a scale, i judge by how my clothes fit…the scale at the gym however is about 14 pounds off according to my physician’s office scale…really I am glad I don’t own one…I just know I just want to feel good and to fit in my clothes again


    • I have so, so far to go that it’s really difficult not to think in numbers. I understand that weight loss does not always equal inches lost, but at my current size, you can’t have one without the other . . . I suck at measuring myself, so I focus on the numbers. I do have a few pairs of pants and a handful of tops that don’t fit or don’t fit comfortably and I know it won’t take a huge loss to get back into them, so I’m working towards that as well.

      Interesting about the gym scale. I wonder if they do that on purpose?


  2. I’m on a no carbs diet too 😦
    I manage to control me a use the scale once a week (maybe two times). I know how you feel, last week I only lost 300 grams… Screw it!
    Nice cane, by the way 😉


    • Thanks 🙂

      No carbs can suck, but as long as I have enough variety in my diet, I don’t mind it so much.

      Because my home scale is ridiculously inaccurate (slanted floors and whatnot), I don’t weigh at home much, but I have trouble walking out of the gym without getting on the scale.


  3. Theres a trick to the no carbs diet. Toya’s been doing it since my surgery and LOVES it. We all pretty much follow the same diet around here. So far she has lost over 40 lbs. Had I of not had the crazy health problems I was having it’s something I would of done instead of my surgery.

    The trick?

    Theres 2 really.

    First trick, please don’t keep away the fat. That doesn’t mean eat bacon every day or whole sticks of butter. But healthy, normal, animal fat is essential for our bodies to function as well as our brains. Plus when something is advertised as low fat, that product is instead filled with chemicals and sugar to make it taste good.

    Second trick, twice a week (two days spread apart) she cheats. She doesn’t go overboard but she lets herself indulge in her cravings. Theres two reasons for this:
    1. It helps her manage this new way of eating so that in a year from now it’s not old, boring or frustrating. She still gets to fulfill those cravings and not mourn for them. So far she’s 6 months in to this new way of eating. So far, it’s not old, boring, frustrating or difficult to do. As a family we all eat very similar which makes this even easier.
    2. There is a belief that by doing this you keep your metabolism active instead of letting it slip into a routine that can cause horribly long stalls among other things.

    I can send you some links on this if you’d like.

    Even with my surgery, it has been seen that during a few month stall throwing in a day or two of carbs can shake things up and help you drop a few lbs. Not overindulging, but a healthy carb here or there.


    • I would love to see those links please!


    • Thanks, Joi!

      I’m actually already following your tricks 🙂 But I would still love to see the links!

      I did the carb free thing in college (and then shortly afterwards became a vegetarian, go figure) and it worked well, but I didn’t allow for cheats at the time . . . One trip home to my aunt’s cooking and I was done! (C’mon, you’ve had my aunt’s mac & cheese, could you say no to that?! LOL)


  4. You are so inspiring, keep up the amazing work! I’m proud of you for buying the cane. As someone who suffers with chronic pain, I understand that desire for pain to go away, but also the desire to “be normal.” I think it was smart, and if you don’t need it in a few months, at least it’s pretty to look at. 🙂

    I know you don’t like diets, but have you looked into South Beach Diet? It’s a low carb, high protein, but every once in a while, the author tweaks it a little. I did it and had a lot of success. You don’t always feel like you’re on a diet, and you aren’t as restricted in restaurants as you would be on most diets.

    And not to sound bossy, but be careful with the scale. A woman’s weight is a tricky thing, especially because of our menstrual cycles. I weighed myself one morning, was pleased with the results, and weighed myself that evening and was FIVE pounds heavier. My clothes felt fine and i hadn’t pigged out, but it just shows how up-and-down we can be. I know it’s something you rely on, but it might be sabotaging instead of helping. Just a thought. (And if you’re only weighing once a week, that’s not bad … try not to weigh every day, that will screw with you)!

    Either way, you are AMAZING and wonderful and even though I’ve never met you in person, I consider you a true, precious friend. You’ll be in my prayers, I don’t want you to be in pain.


    • Thank you so much, Jen!

      I actually have looked at South Beach . . . years ago, after doing Atkins. It’s not that I don’t like diets, it’s that I need to find something that I can maintain for a lifetime. I’ve always gone overboard with diets . . . You should have seen me when I was calorie counting! But I think to at least get myself started here, I need an actual “diet” . . . and then I can meld that into something more long term.

      I know about the scale . . . I constantly fight the urge to weigh myself when I’m trying to lose weight. I am really good about weighing at relatively the same time every day, which helps with consistency, but I have seen fluctuations even with that. So, I’m working towards once a week!

      Thank you so much for the prayers and positive thoughts! I certainly consider you a treasured friend! ::Hugs:: I know you understand the chronic pain and you are definitely in my prayers as well!


      • South Beach is meant to gradually work your way into a lifestyle change, which sounds like something you would like. It’s tough in the beginning, but you can eat AS MUCH as you want of the “allowed” foods, so at least it’s not calorie counting. I used South Beach to get to a weight I liked and then gained it all back and then some, when I moved to MD. I finally got down to my current weight after 1) going on a medication for FMS that made me lose weight, but had horrible side effects and 2) getting two pit bulls. 🙂 Even off all the meds now, having the dogs makes me maintain a healthy weight because we don’t have a fenced-in yard. If they don’t get a lot of exercise, they are terrors in the house. But we have a treadmill too, and I love to just walk on it … even if it’s slowly! I put on a recorded show and just walk, half the time I don’t even break a sweat. But it’s all about getting your heart rate up and keeping it there for at least 30 minutes. Okay I’m rambling again. Sorry if I sound preachy, I just really REALLY support you and love that you want to be healthy, not just thinner. Thank you for the prayers as well! You are most definitely a treasured friend! ❤


        • You don’t sound preachy at all! I would love to have a treadmill at home. It’s definitely something we’re going to look into. Exercising at home can be tough because of the pain. The treadmill is perfect because I can hold on and alleviate the pain in my back. And the weight machines are perfect cause I’m sitting, so they don’t cause any pain at all. I love the gym . . . I wish I could get there every day, but it takes nearly 3 hours out of my day (since I don’t drive), so it’s tough some days.

          I Just Dance when I can’t get to the gym . . . It’s not as great of a workout as it could be because I’m extremely clumsy with it, but I break a sweat and get my heart rate up, so it’s something 🙂

          Thank you so much for all of your support and advice!!! ❤

  5. Posted by Nim X Ly on January 25, 2012 at 7:44 pm

    Hey you! It’s NIm.

    Don’t be discouraged by the small weight gain. It’s most likely water weight. Not sure if you know this, but boxers and other forms of fighters cut weight by dehydrating themselves. And they can lose a lot of water weight. So if you see a small gain, Its probably because you’re boozing too much! JK 🙂

    Carbs is not a bad thing. You just have to know when to have more of it. And that’s before exercising. You need carbs for the energy, to have a better workout.

    Don’t deprive yourselves of sugar either. Your cravings and withdrawal can become too strong to handle and you’ll end up overindulging. From what I’ve read and heard, the best time to have some sugar is immediately after exercising. Your muscles craves and needs it for repairing itself.

    Wish you the best of luck! And have fun wit hit!


    • Thanks!!

      I know carbs aren’t bad, I just need to do something that will help me get into a groove . . . This is definitely a short-term thing! And like Joi suggested, I am allowing myself “cheats” here and there.

      And I was definitely not boozing! LOL . . . I’ve sworn off alcohol until this Biggest Loser contest is over 😛


  6. Posted by Anne Katherine on January 26, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    Dayle, you are destined to be what you want to be! But I understand your frustration. It’s difficult to stick with anything when you aren’t seeing any results, so I do hope you see some results w/ the low carb thing and that it will motivate you!
    I agree w/ joi’s comment about cheating twice a week. I know that for me psychologically it just works better if I reward myself in some way. I could never give up all my vices completely and forever (willingly :), so it helps just to still keep something you can have, but just limit it.
    The cane was a logical purchase and I so hope that soon enough it’s something that will just look pretty in the corner!


    • Thank you, Anne!

      I do allow for “cheats” here and there. I can’t give up everything completely either. I’ve done that with cigs, I can’t do it with food!!


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