dance with the liquid breeze
and linger in the porcelain night –
a prisoner with a marble heart.
melt me with a broken kiss,
your poison voice
and vast cup of magic.
a ghost blushing to the rhythm
of sex and passion –
haunting, quivering, aching,

an ocean symphony
with sweet drunken whispers –
gasp and choke
while the goddess touches the earth.

swim in honey
and taste the air.
relax in the dusk of eden.

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Karen on May 2, 2012 at 5:03 pm



  2. Wow, Dayle. This is superb. Sad, but seemingly hopeful at the end there – or maybe just resigned.

    I love the first 3 lines – great imagery. And the last three lines, as well. (as well as the rest of the poem). “Your poison voice, and vast cup of magic” — what tension there, and sense of irresistibility.


    • Thank you, Anne 🙂

      I’m trying to get back to writing poetry. It’s funny. It used to be that all I wrote was poetry, but over the last several years, I’ve abandoned it.


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