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It’s not 11:53pm on Friday and I have not written my post for Saturday yet. I kind of don’t feel like writing it. It’s been very long week, and I’m pretty content to just absent-mindedly scroll through Facebook and Pinterest. But I made a commitment and I intend to stick to it. I could write some senseless drivel that I’d end up hating and deleting once this Blogathon is over. Or, I could succumb to my laziness and post a few old poems instead.

I’m going with the latter.


So this is where the madness lies
In the midst of heartache and wonder.
This is where desire overpowers self-control,
Where the abyss of lust blinds you
And I still see.
So this is where I’m left to drive
My passion to the edges of reality
And kiss you, so this time you won’t forget.
The piercing touch of the rain only fuels my exhibition.
Take a look in my eyes and know,
Lie naked with me in the darkness and know,
Kiss me darling and know.
This, honey, is where the light of what once was
Will never be extinguished.
This is where we will shine.
Kiss me, darling, and know.


a dream, a memory, a faint distant cry,
          intense and shallow all at once.
swarming hollow accents
         on a cloud of sweet perfume
                   just out of reach,
                            enough to tease,
                                      enough to taunt,
                                                a hold on the constant wishing hour.
forgotten lonely figures of innocence.

call of flesh
          with rips of vulgar passion,
                    sour blood in my mouth.
heart aches louder and louder,
                             a stranger in my own home.


a brilliant calm of iridescent light drifts softly 
through the realm of her quiet existence. 
she whispers, smiling, of a paradise 
beyond human understanding 
and slips slowly into unconsciousness, 
unaware of the dysfunction that surrounds her. 
simple memories held so dear, little things, 
scattered pieces of a childhood that was never really there. 
she longs to be one of them, 
despite their simplicity. 
in all her perfection she cannot see how their use of science 
to explain away the magic of the world 
denies them the beauty of sunsets and cherry blossoms. 
and dreams, instead, of a world of miracles.

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Photo Credit

8 responses to this post.

  1. I like your “old stuff”! The first poem is very strong, though sad- “the light of once was.” But the longing for love…wow.
    I love the structure of the 2nd poem – the feeling of disjointedness in the poem is echoed by its structure.
    And the third one is just beautiful — a beautiful contemplation of the magic in our world.


    • Thank you, Anne 🙂

      I wrote the first one over 10 years ago when I was still pining for an ex-boyfriend :p

      The second one was written as I was just accepting that my marriage was over.

      I couldn’t find the picture that inspired the 3rd poem, but it was a gorgeous painting of a fairy sleeping on a flower. 🙂


  2. Posted by Karen on May 6, 2012 at 9:04 am

    Dayle, I love your work.


  3. Amazing Dayle! Loved it! You definitely have a way with words…beautiful.


  4. More great poetry! 🙂


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