Journal Writing

I’ve missed writing in a journal. There is something so much more invigorating about watching the pen glide across the page – about watching the pages fill day after day.

I’ve been meaning to get back in the habit of journal writing for months. My OCD can take a large part of the blame. I was that kid in high school and college who would go home and rewrite her classroom notes so they were more neatly written. I do the same thing with journals. I have one in which to write my trains of thought and then another in which to rewrite them neatly.

I am fully aware of my crazy.

All of those half-used and fully-used journals (and a couple of other never-used ones too) from my jam-packed drawer of journals.

Well writing, rewriting, typing, and editing all just feels like too much work. So, I’ve been avoiding it. Until now.

I broke open an unused journal (one that’s been sitting in my drawer full of half-used journals and fully-used journals) tonight and here I am writing in it – without a first draft in another book!

It’s a big deal. Trust me. It’s already bugging me as I look over some rather sloppy words – but I’ll live, I’m sure.

I have a goal now to fill these pages. They’ve been empty for far too long!

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11 responses to this post.

  1. You caught my eye on Twitter this a.m. and I decided to hop over and read what was going on for you. I can see why you caught my eye. I have a bit of perfectionist/OCD/crazy in me as well. It has taken me a long time to allow myself to not be so perfect in my creativity and that includes my writing. Good for you for taking the plunge into accepting the imperfections. I call it loving my perfectly imperfect self. Well, I am working on loving my perfectly imperfect self. Here’s to you loving your perfectly imperfect self!



    • Morgan, thanks for coming by and for letting me know I’m not alone! I like “loving my perfectly imperfect self”! I’m definitely working towards that!! :-)


  2. my crazy involves that if a journal doesn’t “feel right” i can’t write in it. all writers are a little crazy, it makes us fun :P


    • I totally get the “feel right” component too! I agonize over buying the *perfect* journal!

      And yes, the crazy certainly makes us fun :-)

      (And by the way, that red notebook in the upper left corner – that’s my reflections journal from poetry :D )


  3. Oh my goodness, I do the same thing! I hate scribbled out words or mistakes, so I would rewrite my journals. That got to be too tedious (so did hiding them so certain people wouldn’t snoop) so I stopped altogether. I’m trying to get back into it but the physical twinge in my arm gets frustrating. :-)


    • I love being able to lie in bed and write – something I cannot do with a computer (I’ve seen people do it and I just don’t get how that’s comfortable)! I’ve only written once more in my journal since writing this (which I actually did 4 days ago). I writing other things in a notebook (the things I expect will have lots of cross-outs :p ). It’s amazing how we survived before computers!! :-)

      Having to hide your journals is a complete different thing and I’m so sorry you had to do that! I take respect for privacy very seriously!


  4. I like your Twitter profile. Followed you back partially just for the clever turn of phrase. :) I’m doing the Blogathon too.


  5. Is that pic really your journal? Wow. I can understand the impulse, though. I’ve never kept a journal, though I really should. I cherish the ones my mom left behind. And Iove to actually write freehand….I should get going on my own journal!


    • Yep, that’s my journal :) Of course, I’ve written in it a whole 2 times :P

      You should definitely get a journal! I think my favorite part about journal writing is picking the journal . . . I agonize over it!

      That is so fabulous that your mom left journals. What an amazing treasure!


  6. […] I was going through my drawer-o-journals the other day, I found my sketchbook from my art therapy days and started looking through it. Today […]


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