I repute the dreams
that you one day will come back to me,
forced negatively in each aspect,
worthy of being pushed aside,
knowing they will never come true


There are ways
I will not care
anew . . . this is one:
I will flatten my face
against the lake’s surface
as though it were a window
I could breath and call
your name. un –

rewarding is what you’ll say
about my love


I’m inclined to rally
against your fanaticism for illiberality –
your course of action trampling
the franchise of those you deem inferior –
you wrap your bigotry with hypocrisy
and dress it up with pretty words –
you only fool yourself


Once capable of
focusing on
those redeeming qualities
now non-existent,
I hold contempt
for the negation
of your humanity –
am unable to see you
beyond your
narcissistic quiddity

*This isn’t my usual poetry, but these were fun to write. I wrote “Disreputable” and “Unrewarding” in high school, “Antipathy” last night, and “Despicable” this morning.*

2 responses to this post.

  1. I can’t tell which ones are “the first two.” I love the line “I will flatten my face/ against the lake’s surface.” “Disreputable” and “Unrewarding” are my favorites. I can think of someone I’d like to dedicate “Despicable” to– like the phrase “narcissistic quiddity.”


    • Thank you, Anne . . . and I apologize. I wrote the bit at the end before I played with the layout :p . . . I just changed it to make it clearer 🙂

      “Disreputable” and “Unrewarding” are the ones from high school.


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