This post is late

Today’s post is late because even though I planned out what I wanted to write about last night, I never got around to writing it. I never got around to writing it because yesterday was completely freaking ridiculous.

It started with a phone call from my daughter’s school around 12:30. They said she said she had a tummy ache because she ate too much at lunch. They said they didn’t have a nurse so they had to call parents. I said, “Can you let her rest for a while and call me back if necessary?” They said, “Okay.”

A half an hour later, they called back. I knew she’d probably be fine, but I also knew if I left her there, it would have turned out to be appendicitis or something. So I started getting ready. I left a message for her father to see if he could pick her up, since he’d be faster with a car and all. He called back when I was half way there on the train.

I came back home and Abby was 20 minutes behind me. She was very much not sick . . . as I expected. So we still went to baseball. It was sunny (I hate sunny) and hot and humid and I missed my AC.

Abby had fun and I had fun and we got to see my aunt and my cousins and my niece and my nephews.

It was like this. But darker.

And then as we neared the bus stop on the way home, the sky opened up and poured . . . For a whole 15 minutes. Enough to get us drenched head to toe. And to cool the air so that we’d freeze while waiting for the bus. And then the 8:06 bus never showed up. So we waited for the 8:40 bus. And it was air conditioned.

After finally getting home, I had PBJ for dinner and Abby had cold pizza. And Abby went to bed. And I collapsed on the couch and watched Doctor Who (which I am obsessed with not being obsessed with so I keep trying to get into it by watching the episodes with Captain Jack Harkness because I’m completely in love with him . . . My boyfriend knows this and is okay with it because, ya know, Captain Jack is a fictional character).

And then around 11, I finally made my way upstairs and thought, “I should work or write or do something productive.” But after a half an hour of playing Bubble Shooter, I decided going to bed was better. So that’s what I did.

And this morning I couldn’t write because my fabulous boyfriend let me sleep in and got my kid ready for school and when I finally crawled out of bed at 9:30 (after waking up at 6:30 with a migraine and swallowing a handful of naproxen), I had to get to work.

In fact, I’m writing this now on the notepad on my phone because I’m on a bus on my way to my kid’s school to count pretzel orders because apparently no one with a car is able to do it. (Actually, someone was able to do it and did do it but communication is so awesome that I didn’t find this out until after I spent an hour traveling by bus. Now I’m in the middle of my hour bus ride home.)

But at least it’s not sunny or hot or humid or wet.

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  1. Posted by Anne Katherine on May 30, 2012 at 11:18 pm

    What a day- I can understand why this was late! It’s funny – in this day and age when communication is all around us – email, texting – and so instantaneous – you’d figure things like the pretzel order debacle would not happen.
    And I can empathize w/ the school nurse things. Sometimes they just do not take the time to use some common sense! But I am so glad she is healthy – that’s what’s most important!


    • This child rarely gets sick and this is the first time since preschool that I got a phone call to pick her up from school, so I was definitely happy to see my suspicions were correct and she was 100% fine 🙂

      It was definitely an adventure and now that it’s all over, I can sit back and laugh about it! And also enjoy the fact that I’m sitting at home on the computer right now because my awesome boyfriend took Abby to her baseball game tonight! No sky opening or sitting on an air conditioned bus while wet for them tonight, but the game did run late, so they’re not home yet!


  2. I have so much respect for people who live in cities and don’t have cars. My husband wanted to move to DC and I knew one of us would have to give up a car, since it just wouldn’t make sense to have two – I did not like that plan!

    “I knew she’d probably be fine, but I also knew if I left her there, it would have turned out to be appendicitis or something.” This made me laugh out loud because I would have felt the same way! Hope your migraine is better! 🙂


    • I really don’t mind taking the bus/train, but I get irritated when I end up going out of my way for things that weren’t necessary. I plan my trips carefully so that I can get a lot done in one circuit. And it totally screws with my OCD when I have to reorganize! . . . Though we are talking about getting a car . . . for Kes to drive . . . not me . . . Me driving = not good (for anyone)!

      Hehe, glad I’m not the only one who thinks that way (re: the appendicitis bit)!

      The migraine’s gone . . . sleep and naproxen work wonders!

      How are you and the lil’ bun in the oven doing?!


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