The end of the blogathon

So here we are. May 31st. The last day of the WordCount Blogathon. And judging by this post, I’ve succeeded. Yay me!

When I first started this, I said I wanted to get more organized this year and make more connections. The first is an absolute! I kept a Google doc (I’m a tad bit obsessed with Google docs) planning out all of my posts for the month and highlighting them as they were written and posted. I wrote most of my posts a day or two or three or ten in advance and scheduled them. (It was my first time with scheduling posts. I have to say I pretty much loved it.)

As for the connecting bit, I didn’t manage to do that as much as I’d have liked. I have a folder in my email account (I’m a tad bit obsessed with folders) with a list a blogs I’d like to check out when I have a few minutes.

I did start following two new blogs from the blogathon – Cathy’s Voice Now and HEARTing Handmade. I also have two blogging friends who participated in the blogathon – Teachable Scotts Tots Homeschool and Recovering Church Lady. I also would like to mention another blogging friend who did not officially participate in the blogathon because she found out about it too late, but she still did an awesome job – The Passionate Eclectic.

There’s supposed to be a Twitter party to wrap up all of this up, but I’m painfully clueless about Twitter (and really not incredibly interested in understanding it better . . . at least not right now), so I figured I’d answer the questions that are meant for the Twitter party in this post. Here they are:

What was your favorite part of the blogathon?

I really enjoyed getting a little taste of blogging organization. As I mentioned in this post, I’m sure I’ll go right back to the chaos, but it was nice to let my neurotic side take over here for a little bit!

I also really enjoyed the theme posts. I took some creative liberties with this one, but it’s probably one of my favorite posts from the month. Haiku Day and Wordle Day were also a lot of fun!

What did you learn?

I learned that it’s a lot easier to get organized than I thought it would be . . . and that I still wouldn’t want to do this on a regular basis! Once a year, as a challenge, is a lot of fun and I look forward to do continuing with this tradition, but I’m going to really enjoy a few days of not posting too!

I’ve also learned how to reignite the poet inside of me. I’ve written poetry so sporadically over the last several years, so it was really awesome to get back into it this month. That I will continue!

What would you do differently next time?

I’d figure out how to join the Google group earlier and then actually participate with it. I’d also like to figure out the Twitter thing for next too. Oh, I’d like to participate in the guest post exchange, which I didn’t do this year because I never got around to checking out the Google group. And, again, I’d like to connect with more bloggers!

What would you change about the blogathon for next year?

I’d love to see more theme posts. And it would be great if it was easier to find the Google group (there was probably a link somewhere, but I checked a few emails where the group was mentioned and I couldn’t find a link). Otherwise, I pretty much enjoy everything as it is 🙂

And that sums it up! I have a few posts I planned out that I never got around to writing for the blogathon, so I’ll work on them throughout the next week or so. But for the next few days, I’m taking a break!


9 responses to this post.

  1. Enjoy your break! You earned it!!


  2. Amazing Dayle, way to go!!! I’m really glad to hear you will continuing to do more poetry…you are soooo good at it…I love reading all your stuff…but your poems are my favourite! I agree with Jen, enjoy a break!


  3. Hey thanks for the mention Dayle. This was fun but I am relieved to have it over. Good exercise once in a while to sharpen us up I guess. See you in the writing group!


    • You’re welcome! I need to get over to your blog . . . I browsed quickly the other day and saw some things I wanted to read more of!

      And yeah, definitely good once in a while . . . I could never do it all the time! I have a blogging friend who did a post a day for a year. I still don’t know how she did it!


  4. Posted by Anne Katherine on May 31, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    Well, maybe that’s what I need to do – get more organized! I know life is much easier when I do get organized so I don’t know why I always resist! I have enjoyed reading all your stuff – and look forward to more poetry from you!


    • Thank you, Anne!

      Organization was definitely helpful! I can’t do the every day posting thing, but I do want to keep up the habit of scheduling posts in advance and consistently writing at least 2-3 posts a week. We’ll see. I’d love to see more of your stuff too! 🙂


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