Untitled poem

rip through the horror between wretched wounds,
wander through his grotesque plague of lies . . .
use – confuse – infect – destroy
on my knees
on my knees
on my knees
tarrying, body overcome with lasciviousness,
sordid humiliation
and hunger for his thighs.
the delicacy of flesh . . .
I binge and purge
binge and purge.
play through the dungeon of a verdant earth,
culmination in a tactile frenzy of covetousness . . .
I thrive on carnal veneration
longing . . .
hair like tendrils through his fingers.
contorted, my body made malleable by the reverberations of his voice . . .
crashing through
striving to prolong the moment
while fumbling towards that sense of urgency . . .
and left naked on the cold floor,
marinated in sex and sweat and tears

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  1. Naughty! 😉


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