Traveling the world with Bella & Harry

I’ve never traveled outside of the US. I’ve barely traveled within the US. I listen to my boyfriend tell stories about the various places he’s traveled and I admit to being totally jealous. He’s been to Ireland and France and England and Guyana. I’ve never even been to Canada. Oh yeah, he’s been there too.

There has never been a time when I thought I had the ability to travel the world. There were places I wanted to go, but I had to go to college first and I had to finish college and I needed to get a job and then I had a family I had to take care of. I can look back now and find so many instances when it wouldn’t have been difficult for me to make it happen. Hindsight is fabulous, isn’t it?

Bella & Harry 1My daughter’s interest in traveling has been sparked over the past year and a half thanks to a fabulous set of children’s books. I may not be able to take her around the world right now, but I plan to foster that interest and encourage her to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves (and to search out opportunities).

The Adventures of Bella & Harry is a series of picture books by Lisa Manzione (illustrated by Kristine Lucco) about two Chihuahuas who travel the world with their family. Each book explores a different city in a different country. Abby has six of the Bella & Harry books – Paris, Venice, London, Cairo, Barcelona, and Athens.

Bella and Harry go on wonderful adventures exploring each city, and each book describes famous places, food, history, geography, and there’s even a list of a few fun phrases at the end. They are beautifully illustrated and the stories are

Abby reading her favorite Bella & Harry book - "Let's Visit Cairo!"

Abby reading her favorite Bella & Harry book – “Let’s Visit Cairo!”

fantastically enticing. My daughter has decided that she’s going to travel to each place in the books and bring each book with her as a guide!

Abby was 6 ½ when we read the first Bella and Harry book together. She’s 8 now and while she mostly reads chapter books, she still loves Bella and Harry. I love reading them with her as well because I always learn something new.

I especially love that the author has actually traveled to each of the cities in her books.

I highly recommend these books for children of all ages. You can buy them from various book sellers or directly from the website. The website also offers activities for kids and lesson ideas for teachers. And if you live in Florida, there’s even a Bella and Harry musical!

***I was not asked to write this review and I’m not receiving anything for it. I just love the series so much that I wanted to share it with other parents!***

"Bella and Harry" written in Hieroglyphics (which Abby learned in "Let's Visit Cairo!" :)

“Bella and Harry” written in Hieroglyphics (which Abby learned in “Let’s Visit Cairo!”) 🙂


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  1. Posted by Karen on January 3, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    Book for Abby! Mira’s Diary Lost in Paris – She can visit Paris and Time Travel as well as Mira meets Mary Cassatt and does some noble work!


  2. Sounds like a great book series for kids! I have been to Wales and England, but mainly just Wales and I have a very special love for that country now and hope I get the opportunity to return one day. I AM jealous of how many places Kessel has been to, though, especially Ireland! I would LOVE to go there one day!


    • The books are wonderful! There are few more coming out soon too 🙂

      Oh, I didn’t even list all of the places Kes has traveled to! He’s also been to Spain, Italy, and Germany. I kind of hate him 😛

      Ireland was number 1 on my list for years. It recently dropped to number 3 . . . after Wales and England . . . and I totally admit that that’s all because of Doctor Who! LOL

      There’s a Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff . . . it’s definitely on my before-I-die list!

      So if you do get to go back to Wales, you have to get into Doctor Who first because it will make the trip sooooo much better! 🙂


      • I’ve been to Cardiff 🙂 We went to a castle there…it was awesome!


        • There’s a rift (weakness in time and space) in Cardiff and the Doctor uses it to recharge the TARDIS 😛 Also, Torchwood is set in Cardiff (because of the Rift) and once you start watching Doctor Who (cause I won’t leave you alone until you do), you’ll then have to watch Torchwood 😀

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