Five Question Friday – January 4, 2013

Five Question FridayFriday Question Friday is another meme I stole from Sharon. I like the idea of doing a few memes every week (I have another planned for Sunday) because they allow me to write in short little bursts and the direction is provided for me. I don’t have to sift through the many things I want to write about wondering which one I want to breathe life into . . . and that tremendously cuts down on the stress of committing to blogging every day for an entire year.

So every Friday, I’ll take the 5 questions originally posted by Five Crooked Halos and answer them. And if you are so inclined, you answer the same questions in the comments or on your own blog!

1.       Have you set any goals/resolutions for 2013?

As mentioned in a couple of my previous posts of the year, I have a few goals that are not New Year’s resolutions . . . I just happened to start them around the first of the year 😛

The first one is actually in two parts – to write every day and to publish a blog post every day. They’re not the same thing. I schedule some of my posts days in advance, so I could technically blog every day without writing every day. I also have some things I write that I don’t post to my blog, so I could write every day without blogging every day. I am working on doing both, just not necessarily concurrently!

I’m also reading more frequently (a loose goal of trying to finish about 1 book per week).

I have other goals I want to start working on soon, but my head’s not there yet. I’ll write about them as they come up. I strongly believe that we can accomplish any goals we set for ourselves but only when we’re truly ready to make them a priority. I’m getting there.

2. Have you made any travel/vacation plans for 2013?

My daughter's Weeping Angel Halloween costume . . . but she wants to go to Comic Con as young Amelia Pond :)

My daughter’s Weeping Angel Halloween costume . . . but she wants to go to Comic Con as young Amelia Pond 🙂

Only with “ah, wouldn’t it be nice if we could . . . “ conversations. There are new jobs and assignments all throughout the house this year, so I’m optimistic about making some of these plans a reality. I really want to hit a Comic Con this year . . . the one in San Diego would be ideal (or Dragon Con in Atlanta), but I’d be thrilled just to go to the one in New York or Philly (though the Philly one can’t really be considered travel when you consider it’s only a 25 minute train ride). And yeah, I already have costumes planned out!

My boyfriend and I have also tossed around the idea of going to Guyana. His entire family was born there, but he hasn’t been since he was a little kid. Of course, this one becomes a bit more complicated with the whole passport thing.

3. What room is never cleaned in your house?

Um, all of them? . . . I seem to continuously play Musical Clean Rooms. As soon as I get a few rooms looking exactly as I want them to look, another room or two becomes a complete disaster. By the time I finish cleaning those, the original rooms are a disaster again. It’s tons of fun. I absolutely love cleaning. (I need sartalics dammit!)

4. What food must be in your house at all times?

Peppers, onions, and garlic . . . I put all of those in almost everything I cook. I prefer to always have yogurt in the house because it’s a great quick breakfast . . . and peanut butter and jelly are almost always on hand for lazy weekend lunches for my daughter!

5. Are you a hugger or more of a hands off person?

I am definitely a hugger, but I’m also extremely hesitant unless I know someone else is a hugger too.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for sharing with the 5QF blog hop! I like your writing goals-I have some of my own for this year! Best of wishes to you in the new year!


  2. Posted by Carolyn Brown on January 4, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    1. Nope.
    2. Trips to Alabama, Virginia, and maybe – just maybe – Gatlinburg, if I ever get the guts to face that traffic!
    3. Back bedroom
    4. Not picky, just glad to have some.
    5. Hugger, but I have to know you first.


  3. I love that word “Sartalics” and would also love to have them! Cleaning is just plain evil!


    • Isn’t it great?! Check out 🙂 (I’m kind of computer stupid, so I still need to figure out how to make it work – or if I can make it work – on WordPress!)

      And yes, cleaning is evil!


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