Sunday Six – The Letter “R”

Sunday SixI intended to do the Sunday Stealing meme today (which Paula introduced me to), but I didn’t like this week’s meme (I’m picky about my laziness, dammit!). But since it’s almost midnight on Saturday night and I don’t have anything else prepared for Sunday, I’m turning the Saturday Six into a Sunday Six.

1. R is for RACE: If you had to attend some sort of race — horse race, NASCAR, etc. — which type would you most likely choose?

A ferret race . . . And no, I’m not making that up . . .

Fuzzies generally love tubes and some rescue centers hold ferret races as a way to raise money. Adorable and helpful!

2. R is for REALITY: If you had to choose one reality show to watch, which would it be?

What Would You Do? From time to time, I’m disappointed, but generally, this show greatly increases my confidence in people’s ability and desire to do the right thing.

I can’t really pick a favorite episode, but this is a really good one . . .

My boys, Charlie and Buddy, snuggled up in an old pair of sweatpants

My boys, Charlie and Buddy, snuggled up in an old pair of sweatpants

3. R is for REINCARNATION: If you could come back after death as an animal, which would you choose?

Maybe a ferret . . . sleep for 18 hours a day, spend the other 6 eating and playing . . . sounds good to me. Or a dolphin . . . I think they’re supposed to be the only other animal that has sex for fun 😉

4. R is for REPORTER: Which local reporters do you trust more: your local newspapers’ or your local TV stations’?

I don’t really pay attention to either.

5. R is for ROBOT: If science provided a practical robot to take care of chores around the house, would you be interested, or would you prefer doing it yourself?

A small example of my clutter . . . the table next to my seat on the couch

A small example of my clutter . . . the table next to my seat on the couch

Oh, hell yes I’d be interested! My OCD skipped the whole “everything needs to be neat and tidy” bit. I do most forms of paperwork in triplicate, but I can’t seem to keep my house from being cluttered, so a robot that can clean up? Yeah, I’ll take that . . . hell, at this point, I’d settle for a dishwasher!

6. R is for RUDE: When you encounter what you consider is rude customer service, are you more likely to contact the manager on site or call the corporate office?

It really takes a lot for me to complain about customer service. I’ve worked in a supermarket, a pizza shop, a corner deli, a restaurant, and a retail pharmacy . . . I’ve had my share of customer service gigs. I will usually give someone the benefit of the doubt . . . unless it’s really over-the-top or happens consistently. At the point, I’ll sometimes email the corporate office.  However, I am much more likely to send a message to corporate when I have outstanding service than when I have bad service.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m not OCD, but I definitely have a lot of clutter! 😦 I LOVE the show “What would you do?” and I would like to see one of those ferret races live. Looks fun! 🙂


    • I’m working on the clutter . . . slowly. The thing is, by the time I get organized, I end up accumulating more stuff 😛

      “What Would You Do?” is awesome! I’ve never actually watched the show on TV. I only watch it on YouTube, but every time I watch one, I end up clicking on video after video after video!

      I bet my boys would totally win those races! 😛


      • I would love to see your ferrets win! 🙂

        I keep accumulating things as well…mostly books LOL I need just a wall to wall bookcase on every wall of my house!


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