WWW Wednesday – January 16, 2013

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Feel free to share your answers in the comments or on your own blog (please leave the link if you do that!).

WWW Wednesays

Hocus Pocus


What are you currently reading? Hocus Pocus by Kurt Vonnegut – I haven’t actually started it yet, but I clipped my bookmarker to it, so it’s officially the one I’m about to start!




The AlchemistWhat did you recently finish reading? The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – I enjoyed this book. I read and was given very mixed reviews before I read it. As I mentioned before, I’m familiar with Paulo Coelho even though I had never read any of his books before. I started this book wanting to love it. I wasn’t jumping out of my seat and I can actually understand both sides of the reviews. I see what people loved about it and I see what people found irritating. There was a lot of value to the book, but I found it more a collection of insightful nuggets that were connected by a common story than something grandly profound.

I enjoyed The Alchemist significantly more than I did The Time Keeper, but like The Time Keeper, I think this book would have been more meaningful to me had I read it 10 years ago.

One of my favorite insightful nuggets – “I’m beginning what I could have started ten years ago. But I am happy at least that I didn’t wait twenty years.”

Tyrannosaur Canyon


What do you think you’ll read next? Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston – I’ve only read one other book by Douglas Preston – Blasphemy – but I loved it. I picked this one up in a used bookstore several months ago, so I figured I should get around to reading it soon!


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  1. Posted by Kwizgiver on January 16, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    I’ve read The Alchemist a couple of times–I took something different from it both times.


    • That doesn’t surprise me! It feels like the kind of book that offers something unique each time you read it, depending on where you are in life . . . I might just have to pick it up again in a few year 🙂


  2. I really enjoy Douglas Preston’s Pendergast series…although I am hopelessly behind on it. (so many books, so little time) and its been ages since I’ve read Kurt Vonnegut but he was always an enjoyable read.

    My WWW Wednesday is here.


    • I’ll have to check out the Pendergast series! If the rest of his books are as good as Blasphemy, I’m sure I’ll love them 🙂

      Kurt Vonnegut is one of my absolute favorites. I don’t think I’ve read a word of his I didn’t love!


  3. Oooh, The Alchemist is on my to-read list, I can’t wait to get to it! I should also add Kurt Vonnegut to my 2013 author challenge, since (I don’t believe) I’ve read anything by him.
    Novel Reveries


    • I’d love to hear your thoughts about The Alchemist after you read it!

      Most people read Slaughterhouse-Five first, but I recommend Breakfast of Champions as your first Vonnegut book 🙂


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