Movie Monday: Clue and Beyond the Myth


Directed by Jonathon Lynn, 1985

I think I was about 8 years old the first time I watched Clue. My friends and I found it hysterical and would watch it over and over and over and over again. A couple of months ago, I introduced my 8-year-old daughter to Clue, and much like the 8-year-old me, she’s been watching it repeatedly. One of her favorite parts (“one plus two plus two plus one . . . “) is the same part my friends and I would continuously recite until our parents kicked us out of the room!

What was most fascinating about watching this film 25 years later is how much of a different experience it is. There was so much of the movie I didn’t understand at 8 years old, so many jokes that just went right over my head. It was almost like watching it for the first time. It’s a very dry humor, which I tend to prefer . . . it’s subtle and if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss a cute, witty moment . . . which is why it lends itself to multiple viewings (that and trying to keep up with the three possible endings).

The verdict, obviously, is that I still very much love this movie. It has a certain sentimental appeal because of my childhood . . . and passing that joy on to my daughter, but it’s also just a fantastic film. It’s a fun watch.  Tim Curry was brilliant, as always. Madeline Kahn as Mrs. White was hysterical. And well, the whole cast was just perfect.

Mrs. White: He was a lunatic! He didn’t actually seem to like me very much; he had threatened to kill me in public.
Miss Scarlet: Why would he wanna kill you in public?
Wadsworth: I think she meant he threatened, in public, to kill her.

Colonel Mustard: How many husbands have you had?
Mrs. White: Mine or other women’s?

I give it 4/5 stars (there are a few slow bits)

Beyond the MythBeyond the Myth: A Film About Pit Bulls and Breed Discrimination

Directed by Libby Sherrill, 2010

This is a great film for dog lovers, pit supporters, or anyone who thinks they know this breed is “vicious.” It breaks down the stereotypes associated with pit bulls and explores Breed Specific Legislation across the country.

The information regarding pit bulls as a breed didn’t really surprise me. I already knew that their bad reputation was unfounded. I’ve never had a pit, but I have several friends who do. I did not, however, know just how much legislation there was and is across the country and how many dogs have been pulled from loving homes and killed solely for being born pits.

As an animal lover in general, I absolutely know how specific species and breeds can be scapegoated for the poor behavior of people. Rarely are the people responsible for mistreating the animals (through pure ignorance, neglect, or outright physical abuse) held responsible. Resources should be used to educate people and  go after animal abusers instead of removing family pets from their homes.

The downside to this film is that I doubt many of those who really should watch it will. It will mostly be watched by those who already know what loving pets pit bulls are.

I give it 4/5 stars only because the film uses a lot of text and I think it would have worked better (and helped the really-needs-new-glasses me) if those parts were narrated

Have you watched either movie? What are your thoughts?

*** If you’re interested in seeing my to-watch list – take a look here. Recommendations are always welcome. You can either leave them here in the comments or add them to the list. 🙂 ***


4 responses to this post.

  1. I watched “Clue” sometime in my 20’s and thought it was funny. 🙂
    I haven’t seen that documentary but we had a Pit Bull when I was growing up and he was the sweetest dog ever. All he did was knock you down and lick you all over. My brother used to have a “Deaf” dog that was a Pit. A ‘Deaf” dog is a dog that assists deaf people by alerting them to sounds and he also responds to sign language instead of speech. Like if you sign, “Sit”, he would sit. He died a couple years ago and broke my brother’s heart. He was such a sweet dog. 😦
    Most pit bulls that are raised in loving homes are very friendly….the only mean ones I ever see or hear of are the ones involved in dog fights. Dog fighting is such a cruel sport and anyone involved in it is just plain evil, if you ask me!
    I think you’re right about the ones who SHOULD watch it probably won’t, though. 😦 Sad fact there.


    • LOVE Clue 🙂

      I’m sorry for your brother’s loss. The film actually talks about how Breed Specific Legislation affects service dogs as well . . . some places won’t let you register a service dog if it’s a pit 😦 . . . It also talks about dog fighting. You should definitely watch it!


  2. Posted by bryan on January 28, 2013 at 7:30 pm

    but which Clue ending do you prefer the best?


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