A hectic week and a few favorite reads

Last week felt ridiculously long. It was chock full of me actually leaving the house . . . It’s kind of crazy to me that I used to do that on a daily basis . . . back when I had a “normal” job and not one that I could do without brushing my hair or getting out of my pajamas. The outside world is exhausting! There’s, like, people and stuff and you have to, like, interact with them. But yeah, so last week was long — you can read about some of my adventures here and here.

Abby's RoomThen, on Saturday, some very dear friends dropped off a bunch of furniture. I’m sitting here writing this on my new couch . . . I no longer have to sit on a pillow on a broken couch. It’s way cool. There was also a dresser for my daughter and two for me. My dressers are still sitting in the dining room. Abby’s is in her room, but the rest of her room is a chaotic mess (see picture to your left). We decided to completely rearrange her room . . . take away her bottom bunk, put a love seat in its place, move the desk, bookshelf, etc. etc. . . . Plus, she’s 8 . . . and has her mother’s sense of household organization (which means, of course, her room was a freaking disaster). We’re getting there.

So, there’s been socializing and furniture moving and cleaning and more furniture moving and more cleaning . . . and basically that means that I’m not remotely close to finishing my book this week! So in lieu of my usual WWW, I thought I’d share just a few of my all-time favorite books. I’ll save other favorites for the next time I don’t finish my book for the week!

Angela's AshesAngela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt – This isn’t just a memoir. It reads as if you’re growing up with Frank McCourt . . . not merely as a reflection but as he felt at those moments. So when he writes of his 4-year-old self, you feel like you’re reading a 4-year-old’s thoughts . . . and onward. I adore McCourt’s writing style and it certainly helps that he has so many fascinating stories to tell. He managed to make me smile, laugh, cry, and be angry all on the same page. I haven’t read the book in many years, but I believe I read it 3 times between my late teens and early 20’s, and it’s rare that I reread books. The book also has my absolute favorite opening lines — When I look back on my childhood, I wonder how my brothers and I managed to survive at all. It was, of course, a miserable childhood. The happy childhood is hardly worth telling. Worse than the ordinary miserable childhood is the miserable Irish childhood. And worse still is the miserable Irish Catholic childhood.”

On a Pale HorseIncarnations of Immortality by Piers Anthony – This is a series of 8 books and if you enjoy the sci-fi/fantasy genre, they are absolute must-reads! Piers Anthony is more well-known for the Xanth series, which I just couldn’t get into. I admit, I actually struggled a bit with the first of this series as well, but I was quickly drawn in. Each book explores a different “office” – Death, Time, Fate, War, Nature, Good, Evil, and Night. In each book, a human becomes the incarnation of that office and must figure out his/her duties. These are not stand-alone books and you won’t get the entire story without reading all of them. The world Anthony creates is amazing . . . I found myself at the end of the series wishing there was more to it.

She's Come UndoneShe’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb – Dolores Price is one of my absolute favorite literary characters ever written. Wally Lamb does an amazingly beautiful job writing from her perspective from the age of 4 to 40. I read this in high school and it still has a strong impact on me. I don’t remember many details of the book, but I remember the utter raw honesty of Dolores Price and found it positively brilliant.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I love the sofa under the bunk bed….you could put a little desk lamp under there and it would be so perfect for snuggling up and reading! 🙂
    I’ve read both Wally Lamb’s and Frank McCourt’s books of course and like them both! Never read anything by Piers Anthony…I love Paranormal books but haven’t read much in the Science Fiction Genre. Sounds like an interesting concept, though!


    • I think you saw the picture by now, but yeah, we put a desk lamp under there 🙂 I’m totally jealous of her reading nook!

      I definitely recommend the Incarnations of Immortality series . . . On a Pale Horse is the first book (linked in the post) 🙂


      • I am jealous, too! Looks so comfy! 🙂
        And yet another book or books to add to my To Read List…..I need to live for another 100 years just to read everything I want to read! LOL


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