Please help The Gay Dad Project documentary

Gay Dad ProjectI normally wouldn’t post twice in the same day, but I wanted to reach out to the few people who read this blog . . . . For those who don’t know, a few friends recently created The Gay Dad Project.  Erin, Amie, and Jared (who has recently stepped back because of other life responsibilities) all have dads who came out later in their lives. They quickly realized that there were few resources for families like theirs . . . families with one gay parent and one straight parent, and so The Gay Dad Project was born.

All different perspectives are shared and explored . . . the children, the gay parents, the straight spouses . . . This is something that has quickly become a valuable resource and will only continue to grow and help more families.

The big endeavor right now is a documentary . . . and that’s the purpose of this post. There is an Indiegogo campaign to raise money and there’s just over 24 hours left. Please check out their campaign and donate what you can (every little bit helps! If you can only donate $1, please, donate $1 . . . if you can donate more, great!)  . . . if you can’t donate, please share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ . . . or anywhere else.

I stand firmly behind this project, not just because it’s important to my friends . . . not because I identify as something other than straight . . . not just because I support LGBT (human) rights . . . but simply because I KNOW this will help so many families!

Check out the trailer below, and please help make this happen!!!

Thank you!

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