Another long Saturday that has left little time or mental capacity for writing

The family's haul of books - can you guess which ones belong to whom? :)

The family’s haul of books – can you guess which ones belong to whom? 🙂

We left late this morning (after the obligatory 2 hours it takes to get the three of us completely ready to leave . . . though I feel the need to add that I’m a grab-my-stuff-and-go type and it’s really the other two who have a knack for finding a gazillion last-minute things that need to be done) and headed down to The Book Trader, a second-hand bookstore in Old City. We dropped off our books (for which we’ll receive store credit once they have a chance to go through them) and spent a good deal of time squeezing through the narrow aisles searching for our treasures. I decided, after about the 3rd (but not final) time I said, “hold, I just want to check for one more thing,” that I need to go back some time on my own when I’m able to spend several hours perusing the shelves. I did manage to find a couple of books that were actually already on my to-read list, which was pretty awesome.

We left The Book Trader in search of lunch and stumbled onto a comic book store instead. I fawned over the Doctor Who merchandise and the Buffy graphic novels, none of which I bought because I’m sure I can find the Doctor Who merchandise for half the price on Amazon and I can’t justify spending $16 on a graphic novel when I’ll finish reading it in one sitting. Damn frugality! We did find boxes of $1 comic books, so I let my daughter buy three Avengers comic books.

I wasn't fast enough with the camera!

I wasn’t fast enough with the camera!

Up the street and around the corner, we found our lunch –a quaint corner deli with some super yummy homemade soup.

The next stop was Franklin Square, which I was kind of starting to regret because the sun went away (normally, I would like that, but no sun plus wind equals cold). Still, the kiddo had a great time . . . and I love the way kids manage to find friends everywhere. Abby immediately ran up to two little boys and the three of the played together like they had known each other for years.

So focused!

So focused!

After the playground, we headed to the bus (we were feeling a bit lazy at this point) and then down to the South Street. Abby used the time waiting to draw picture of pine needles. We didn’t wait long and the bus ride was short. We walked around South Street for a tiny bit before heading to South Street Souvlaki. They were, unfortunately, out of calamari (which was the entire reason we went there), but we made do with lots of other Greek yumminess.

Our evening ended with some over-priced but super tasty frozen yogurt and the long trek home.

I have nothing incredibly thought-provoking to add to our Saturday adventures . . . I have no meaningful insight to provide . . . just exhaustion . . . and a smile.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Wish adults could make friends as easily as kids. Glad you guys had a good time. I have to find time to come over and peruse your books. 🙂


  2. Sounds like a fun day! Nothing like visiting a bookstore! I could literally spend all day in one!


    • You and me both! I can’t wait to go back to the used bookstore to use our credit . . . . I’m definitely going when I don’t have Abby so I can walk around for hours! 😛


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