My addiction to books

Not mine, but it totally should be . . . especially if it's bigger on the inside!

Not mine, but it totally should be . . . especially if it’s bigger on the inside!

I have an addiction to books. I know that’s not a bad thing in and of itself, but it’s not just reading books . . . it’s owning books. I love to see them stacked up on tables around my house, filling bags and boxes, lining shelves. I like knowing they’re there. The one’s I’ve read. The ones I haven’t. The ones I want to read right now but I have to wait while I get through the other gazillion I want to read right now. The ones I probably won’t read for another year . . . or two . . . or five.

I’m not really picky about my books. They can be new or used. They can be in pristine condition or raggedy-but-readable condition.  They can be paperback or hardcover. Tall or short. Thick or thin. As long as they’re real, physical books with pages and binding.

I need to hold them and I need to own them. I don’t have an e-reader because I can’t stand to not hold a physical copy of a book, to feel its pages through my fingers, to seen the binding crease for the first or 100th time, to see my bookmarker move along with my progress. I don’t even have a library card because unless I really, really hated the book, it needs to join my stacks or piles or bags or boxes. If I do really, really hate the book, I can always drop it off at the second-hand bookstore and get store credit for another book.

As I watch my list of to-reads grow, I find myself needing to collect more and more of those titles. It doesn’t matter that at this very moment there are a dozen and a half books from my to-read list sitting in a bag next to the couch. It doesn’t matter that I’m only averaging 1-2 books per week, so even at my fastest, I have over 2 months’ worth of reading without needing to buy another book. The way some girls collect shoes or accessories, I collect books.

Of the books I’ve read, I can tell you when I read them. I can tell you where I was, who recommended it to me, how it made me feel, whether it was slow or I couldn’t put it down. I can recall favorite passages and will spend an hour flipping through to find them. Of the books I haven’t read, I can tell you where I bought it or who gave it to me, why I bought it, whether it’s a must-read-asap or a when-I-get-the-chance, whether it’s a this-is-one-of-those-books-I-really-should-read or an I’m-kind-of-embarrassed-to-say-I-really-wanted-this. I know my books.

If I never read all of the books strewn throughout my house, if I never even crack the cover of half of them, it doesn’t matter. The fact that they’re here, that they exist within my grasp at any given moment brings me an enormous amount of comfort.  I’ve never been a big TV-watcher. I have a few shows I watch every week and a few more I’ll watch if they’re on, but with the exception of one, I could live without them (Doctor Who is the exception, in case you don’t know me and weren’t aware of my overwhelming, stalk-John-Barrowman-on-Twitter, curse-Moffat-with-every-breath, order-Jammie-Dodgers-and-Jelly-Babies-online, make-my-own-TARDIS-dress, carry-my-sonic-screwdriver-everywhere obsession). But I cannot live without my books.

If the internet shut down (I’d be out of work, but that’s beside the point) and my TV came to an unexpected demise, I’d have my books. They don’t need batteries. They don’t electricity. Their pages and binding are right there waiting. Their squiggly lines scrawled in black ink are right there waiting. Like the sunset every night and my daughter’s “some extra minutes please?” every morning. My books will always be ready to be read. Like blank pages will always be ready to be filled and empty canvases will always be ready to be painted.

Photo Credit, kind of (I couldn’t find the original of this pic, but this is from the same person and is a DIY post to make the TARDIS bookshelf)


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  1. And that, my online friend, is an exact description of me! Except I do have a library card because no extra money to buy–I need to find one of the swap places but then I would be sad to part with one of mine. My husband fits this to a T though. He won’t check out of the library because he likes to write in his books [and mine–until I made him buy his own. I like my notes or my mother’s notes (I have all of her French books from college) or my great-grandfather’s notes (I have his copy of Pilgrim’s Progress), but I don’t like hubby’s notes. He is messy and uses a thick fountain pen so it makes my pages illegible. :] But I do collect books. When we moved in, a lady from the church said, “I have never seen so many boxes in my life. And they are all books!”


    • I love picking up used books and seeing what other people have written in the margins, but I just can’t bring myself to write in my books! I can’t even dog-ear them . . . my boyfriend made the mistake of dog-earing one of my books once . . . just once 😛

      Hooray for book collectors!

      I am trying to get myself to the point where I can check out from a library and then just buy the book if I really love it. I’m not quite there yet, so in the meantime, I’ll keep scouring for discounts, coupons, and second-hand bookstores!


  2. I have more books than I have space for…literally! I have boxes full at my parent’s in storage! I have a Kindle Fire too and I collect books on there as well, although I don’t always realize how many until I start running low on virtual space cause I can’t physically SEE them on there the way I can with real books. Having E books hasn’t slowed anything down….I just love to collect books AND read them. I love the library too and Booksfree for giving me access to books that I don’t own since we have no real book store here. 😦
    Anyway to get my hand on books I want to read!


    • I think I’d go crazy with no bookstore nearby!

      I’ve been considering doing an audio book thing because we just got new gym memberships and I thought it would be a great way to get extra “reading” in. Plus, it will help motivate me to go to the gym! But I can’t bring myself to spend $15 on an audio book when I get the physical copy for less than that!


      • Yea, I don’t blame you!
        I’ve never been able to do the “Audio” book thing because I find myself getting distracted too easily. I think I’m a great listener but all through private school when I did standardized testing, I ranked high in everything BUT listening…LOL


        • I’m right there with you! The only reason I’m even considering it is because I think the gym would be a great place to make myself focus on the book!

  3. Oh and even though I haven’t watched “Doctor Who” YET, I DO love that bookcase cause I love the phone booth look AND I love that it seems to hold a lot of books in a smaller space!


  4. That is a very good addiction! 😉


  5. Posted by WillieSun on April 22, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Ah, the TARDIS bookshelf, it is so awesome. Like you, I am a book collector. I just LOVE buying books and having them on display.


    • One of these days I’m going to make myself a TARDIS bookshelf!

      I saw a meme on FB the other day. It was a flow chart . . . first question: Do you need another book? If yes, then Go buy a book. If no, I think you’re mistaken . . .and then, Go buy a book. That about sums it up! 😀


  6. […] I just have to pull up the app and scroll through my to-reads by genre. It makes feeding my book addiction so much […]


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