Scattegories Meme

I stole this from Sharon.

Answer the following by using the first letter of your first name: Dayle

A Song Title: Dolphin’s Cry by Live

A Color: Dogwood rose

A Place: Dublin, Ireland

A Store: Dwayne Reade

A Street Name: Downing Street

A Famous Female Celebrity: Drew Barrymore

A Famous Male Celebrity: David Tennant

A Band Name: Duran Duran

A Drink: Dr. Pepper

A Boy Name: Daniel

A Girl Name: Drucilla

A Hybrid Car: Dodge Circuit (and yeah, I definitely had to look that up)

A Boring Food: Dates

Something found in the bathroom: Déjà vu – skin care products that we have a ton of because my boyfriend has a weakness for Israeli women (he used to work across the street from the mall and would stop at the comic book store after work . . . and he had to pass the kiosk where a couple of Israeli women sold Déjà vu).

Something found outside: Deer

Something you wear: Dress

A TV Show Title: Doctor Who (duh!)

A Movie Title: Donnie Darko

A Holiday: Day of the Dead

Something you find in the kitchen: Drinks

A Job Title: Dancer

A State: Delaware

A Famous Landmark: Duthie Park Winter Gardens in Scotland (yes, I looked that up too)

A Notorious Person: David Koresh

A Mood: Depressed

A Weapon of Choice: Dagger

Something you shout: DAMMIT!

Reason for being late: The Doctor miscalculated, so the TARDIS didn’t drop me off in time (articles don’t count, right?)

Book Title: A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore (I’m still going with articles not counting)


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  1. Posted by Karen on April 13, 2013 at 11:58 pm

    A Color: Kelly Green
    A Place: Kenya
    A Store: Kroger
    A Street Name: Kensington
    A Famous Female Celebrity: Kim Kardashian
    A Famous Male Celebrity: Brian Keith
    A Band Name: Donna Karan
    A Drink: kiwi juice
    A Boy Name: Kent
    A Girl Name: Kristina
    A Hybrid Car: Fiskar Karma
    A Boring Food: Kale
    Something found in the bathroom: Kiss My Face Shampoo
    Something found outside: Kangaroo
    Something you wear: Kerchief
    A TV Show Title: Kate and Allie
    A Movie Title: Karate Kid
    A Holiday: Kwanza
    Something you find in the kitchen: Kettle
    A Job Title: Kindergarten teacher
    A State: Kentucky
    A Famous Landmark: the Kremlin
    A Notorious Person: Kafka
    A Mood: Kissable
    A Weapon of Choice: Knife
    Something you shout: Kay
    Reason for being late: Kicked by a Kid.
    Book Title: The King’s Speech

    I didn’t think I could do it and I had to look most of them up!


    • You were a lot faster than I was!!! (But you did forget a song 😛 )

      Love your reason for being late! Haha


      • Posted by Karen on April 17, 2013 at 11:54 pm

        HA! Watch out it could happen to you too!!! 🙂 I missed the song?!!! geez Knockin on Heaven’s Door – one of my favorites from the 70’s. But honestly I had to look up most of the answers K???? tough one!


  2. I love the song “Dolphin’s Cry” by Live 🙂


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