Five Question Friday – April 19, 2013

This week’s Five Question Friday is a courtesy of Sharon over at The Real Sharon. There was no Five Question Friday post for tonight, so she dug through and found some old questions. These are from May 7, 2010. Answer the questions in the comments or on your own blog (but leave a link)!

1. What is your worst memory of your siblings?

Ha! My little sister is only 8 years old and my other sister lives states away and I haven’t seen her in person since she was 2 ½ years old. So I don’t really have any traditional sibling horror stories! I guess for Erin I could say the time she and my daughter destroyed my daughter’s bedroom and it took me weeks to clean! And for Chris (for those who didn’t click on the link, she was my foster sister before she was adopted by another family and moved states away) . . . the day she left.

2. What was YOUR naughtiest childhood memory? (Must be something YOU did, no pawning it off on someone else!)

The naughtiest thing I did as a child was mouth off to my mom. Otherwise, I think I was a pretty good kid . . . just had some temper and self-control issues when it came to my mouth! . . . I was unintentionally naughty once . . . when I was in second grade, my mom let me walk home from school with my friends on the promise that I would come right home. Being 8 years old, I forgot and ended up over a friend’s house. My mom was frantic searching for me. I remember her face when she walked through the door of my friend’s house. I immediately remembered and felt horrible!

3. Where do you like to go to relax?

My bed. I love my bed. I love my bed a lot.

4. What was the last thing you won?

This is tough. It’s been a while since I’ve entered anything . . . besides the lottery, which I obviously never win. The only thing I can remember is from two years ago. I spent $5 on 50/50 tickets on closing day of my daughter’s baseball league and won $80!

5. If you could be on a game show, which would you choose? 

I think I have to steal Sharon’s answer here and say Wheel of Fortune. I kick ass at Wheel of Fortune! Oh! Or Lingo . . . does anyone else remember Lingo? . . . I keep trying to get my boyfriend to try out for Jeopardy because he always seems to outplay the people actually competing. Once, I actually kept track of his answers . . . including taking money off for when he was wrong. He would have beat the winner by a couple thousand dollars!


2 responses to this post.

  1. WOW! Impressive about your boyfriend and Jeopardy! I’m always impressed by what the people on there know cause I usually know barely anything unless it involves books, music or some plays from when I was in Acting.
    I remember Lingo, that game show is fun and they still play it on the Game Show Network!
    WOW again on the winning $80 from spending $5, that’s a good deal! 🙂
    Your answer to where you like to relax made me giggle!


    • He’s ridiculous when it comes to useless information!

      I’ll have to check out GSN for Lingo!

      And yes, my bed is awesome! I’m totally spoiled with a king-size bed that I sleep in by myself the vast majority of the time. I don’t even spread out . . . I sleep against the wall and the whole rest of the bed is empty . . . but just know it’s there is nice 😛 I have a dream to have a room that’s just one giant bed!


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