“The Name of the Doctor” reactions – *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

Doctor Who: The Name of the DoctorLet me just start off with a wow. A big, incredible WOW! . . . A friend watched the episode this afternoon and provided the comment, “It wasn’t what I expected. . . . All I will say is that it does not disappoint.” That pretty much sums me up right now.

I’m still processing the events of the episodes. I’ve re-watched the last 10 minutes twice, but the whole thing will require several re-watches until I can really form all of my thoughts . . . . of course, we have 6 months until the 50th, so I have time! (Ugh! 6 months?!) So these thoughts will certainly be disjointed, which is why it’s more reaction than review.

The opening was incredible. I loved the look back at the other Doctors and Clara interacting with them. Jenna-Louise Coleman said her character had met more than one Doctor and she wasn’t kidding!

The entire cast of the episode was perfect. Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax have quickly become favorites of mine. And I have never made it a secret that I adore River. Bringing her back as an echo was not what I expected (I did read a spoiler last week that said she would be a post-Library River), but I thought it was beautifully executed.

“The soufflé is not the soufflé, the soufflé is the recipe.” —- Great line with so many applications, including the Doctor who is not really the Doctor. (And great addition with John Hurt!)

The scene between the Doctor and River . . . amazing, simply amazing. I’m not really into on-screen romance – just not my thing – but the interaction between the two of them heartbreakingly beautiful – from the kiss to her “spoilers.” And the emotions Matt Smith exhibited through facial expression and body language was piercing. He’s an incredible actor (which, if not already believed, I think was proved last week in “Nightmare in Silver”).

One of the questions I’m left with is in regards to Dorium’s warning to the Doctor in “The Wedding of River Song” — “On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no living creature may speak falsely or fail to give an answer, a question will be asked.”

Okay . . . so he went to Trenzalore. He was asked the question. River answered, not the Doctor. So what’s the bit with “no living creature . . .”? Was this not the fields of Trenzalore to which Dorium was referring? Especially since we didn’t see any trace of the Silence and I would think a religious order who believes in keeping the Doctor away from Trenzalore at all costs would have at least made an appearance. Is this coming up in the 50th?

I also thought I read that the cracks in the universe that began in Series 5 would be explained. Maybe I mixed that up with the 50th . . . . though whether caused by the Doctor entering his own time stream or not, I’m sure it’s related.

Okay, John Hurt . . . possible 50th anniversary spoilers to follow, continue at your own risk . . . .


I admit that I haven’t done a whole lot of digging here because it’s already nearly 11pm and I need to get this post up by midnight and if I really start digging, I’ll be at it until the wee hours of the morning!

There was an interview with John Hurt in the last week or so in which he revealed that he was playing the part of the Doctor. That’s obviously definitive. I read another article that said he leaked that he was in fact playing the *real* 9th Doctor (I’m not sure if this source is reliable, but I’ve seen other articles that did not mention this part of the interview, so I’m doubting it) . . . that he is the incarnation between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston . . . and the one responsible for ending the Time War.

Though while there being a “secret” incarnation of the Doctor is a very big deal, I don’t see how it would be his greatest secret if the biggest part of that is that he’s the one to end the Time War . . . since we do already know that the Doctor did do that. There has to be more to it (and I’m sure there is).

Oh, and Whisper Men were great . . . totally creepy!

That’s all I have for now. Like I said, I need to watch the episode a few more times. At least 😉

The Name of the Doctor 2

Updated 5/19/13 @ 2:10pm

Thoughts after a second viewing . . . . .

Okay, so I just watched “The Name of the Doctor” again and I have a few things to add.

First, I wanted to point out that in addition to the breathtaking interaction between River and the Doctor, I adored and was heartbroken both time Madame Vastra lost Jenny . . . and by Jenny’s tears when she was murdered.

I have some more questions . . . . particularly surrounding the Great Intelligence and the name Valeyard. I know both are from classic Who, but I don’t know much beyond that. I’m fairly certain there has to be more to both, especial the Great Intelligence. I know he (it?) is a bad guy and all, but what is the motivation to so vehemently attack the Doctor . . . to the point of killing itself?

Going back to Dorium’s words (and, by the way, how did he know all of that? There has to be more to Dorium as well) —-

“On the fields of Trenzalore . . .” — okay, we’re at Trenzalore

“at the fall of the Eleventh . . .” — could that be the Doctor’s fall into his own time stream? Could it refer a literal fall?

“when no living creature may speak falsely or fail to give an answer . . .” — under what circumstances would this be the case? Could it be that because he’s in his own time stream that he can’t fail to answer or answer falsely? (Going along with this idea, my boyfriend pointed out that at the end of the episode Clara kept asking the Doctor questions and he kept answering them when normally he’d change the subject or just get out of there.)

“a question will be asked . . .” Okay, so Dorium says that the question is “Doctor Who?” but does that necessarily mean his name? He was asked his name in “The Name of the Doctor” and River answered it and silence did not fall. The Doctor says that his real name isn’t important. Perhaps “Doctor Who?” refers to who he really is . . . specifically, who the non-Doctor Doctor played by John Hurt is . . . if he did not do whatever it was he did in the name of the Doctor, in what name did he do it?

The Library – In one of the scenes, Clara (wearing the outfit she has on in “Asylum of the Daleks”) is at the Library looking at the 10th Doctor . . . . could that related to the spoilers River mentioned?

Oh! And we still don’t know who the woman in the shop was . . . the one who gave Clara the Doctor’s number in “The Bells of St. John.”

Okay, once again, that’s what I have for now. Who knows how many times I’ll update this!

What are your thoughts about “The Name of the Doctor”?


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  1. ***Possible Spoiler***

    Been discussing it and think that since The Dr. Cannot regenerate anymore and they probably don’t want to end the series that John Hurt might take over and create an alternate timeline or parallel timeline or however you want to quantify it and since he hasn’t exerted his regenerative abilities that he might take over. Matt Smith has also started filming “How to catch a monster” and had to shave his head and buff up that he will definitely make an odd looking doctor. so this might be the beginning of the end of the Matt Smith Doctor Who. Though he has confirmed he’s signed on for one more season it will be interesting to see what happens. SO CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL Really hope that there’s more Doctors and Companions in it then they’ve let slip.


    • I don’t believe that the Doctor can’t regenerate again. I know there was mention in the original series that Time Lords only have 12 regenerations, but there are ways to write around anything. I’ve also read that that was something the Time Lords enforced, not something that was inherent, and since there are no more Time Lords, there’s nobody to stop the Doctor from continuing to regenerate.

      As for next season, there’s the 50th anniversary, the Christmas special, and then nothing else until 2014 and gods only know when in 2014 they are going to air . . . . so I think there’s plenty of time for Matt Smith’s hair to grow back! 🙂

      Regarding more Doctors in the 50th – I’m right there with you . . . hell, I’m still holding onto a tiny sliver of hope that John Barrowman is full of shit and is coming back for the 50th! There was also rumor that Susan might be coming back. In my happy little bubble, all the people who said they weren’t coming back are just lying to keep everything a secret!!! 🙂


      • That would be nice. But I wasn’t referring to the the 12 regeneration rule. I can’t remember the exact details (you know how my memory is) but there was an episode where he refocused his regeneration to help someone I believe and we found out he couldn’t regenerate again after that.


        • Are you mixing up when River used up all of her regeneration energy to save the Doctor in “Let’s Kill Hitler”?

        • know I remember that, but I think he used up his too. Can’t be sure without re-watching. But even Cole thinks the same thing so I doubt we’re mass hallucinating. 🙂 But then again I may be wrong and also it’s sci-fi with time travel anything that can be done can be undone. LOL

        • The only thing I can think of is when he fixed River’s hand in “The Angels Take Manhattan,” but he didn’t use *all* of regeneration energy for that.

        • Over the past few weeks, I’ve rewatched damn near every episode with Matt Smith (looking for clues), so I don’t think I’ve missed anything . . . . and I haven’t seen any mention of something like that on any fan pages (and I spend a pathetically large amount of time on Doctor Who fan pages 😛 ).

        • Like I said I could be wrong, and maybe Cole is thinking about the 12 regeneration rule. 🙂

  2. BTW, Finally watched Pond Life. Wish I would’ve watched sooner. 😦


  3. First post of yours I didn’t read lol….only because I haven’t watched an episode and don’t want to find out spoilers before I’ve even watched!


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