My 5 favorite apps

Today is the first theme day of the WordCount Blogathon – My 5 favorite apps (original title on my blog, huh? – this is what you get at 10:30pm when I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how to edit a video and just realized I haven’t yet posted today!) – I love this free app! I read a lot and almost always have my phone within arm’s reach. I use the app mostly to look up word while I’m reading. I then add them to my favorites and try to use them in my own writing in order to solidify my memory of the definition.

InstapaperInstapaper – This app is $2.99, but it’s definitely worth it. I use Instapaper all the time on the computer to save blogs and articles to read later. I don’t travel as much as I used to since I work from home, but it still comes in handy when I’m on a bus . . . or even if I’m reading articles in bed and want to save them for later. It sure beats emailing links to myself!

goodreadsGoodreads – The Goodreads app is fantastic! I spent a great deal of time one night organizing all of my books into categories so now whenever I go shopping, I just have to pull up the app and scroll through my to-reads by genre. It makes feeding my book addiction so much easier!

ColorNoteColorNote – It’s pretty much just a standard notepad app, but I love it. I like organizing my different notes by color and that I can use straight text or write a list. I use this for everything – grocery lists, blog ideas, book and movie lists, writing ideas while I’m out (or lying in bed).

where's  my waterWhere’s My Water? – Okay, I had to put a frivolous one in here! This is pretty much the only game I play on my phone (and its spin-off, Where’s My Perry?). It’s $0.99 and every time they add a new section of the game, it’s another $0.99, but I keep buying them 😛


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  1. I got “Where’s my Water” on my Kindle Fire but I got stuck and never played anymore…I bought it when it was the free app of the day though and never got far enough to have to purchase any of it. I’ve heard of InstaPaper but never used it….I have a WordPress app I use to look at the blogs. ColorNote sounds like you cause you love organizing! LOL


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