Quoting the Quill – Pride Day

Quoting the Quill - Pride DayIn honor of a combination of Pride Day in Philly tomorrow, my meeting John Barrowman last week and having him sign my copy of Anything Goes, and sheer laziness, today’s post is my favorite quote from Anything Goes.

John Barrowman was driving with his 17-year-old nephew when his nephew said to him, “You know, Uncle John, I’m straight, and if you think about all the times when I was a kid that I’ve been dressed up in women’s clothing and made to sing and dance, I’ve got to be proof that you can’t turn someone gay.”


Quoting the Quill is a meme that’s actually held every other Wednesday (the 12th being the next one), but since when am I one to adhere to rules? . . . I will try to participate on the actual day next time. Promise!

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4 responses to this post.

  1. Hellooo, thanks for participating in my meme, I hope you have fun with it! Loving the quote and your funky hair on the ‘yay me’ page. 😀


  2. Are you in Philadelphia? (I’m not a stalker. Honest) I’m always thinking about creating some sort of blog roll for all the Philadelphia bloggers I see running around WordPress (but I haven’t, on account of I’m lazy).


    • Haha! I am in Philly . . . . let me know if you ever get around to the blogroll – I’ll have to check it out!

      I skimmed through your blog the other day and am looking forward to reading more thoroughly!


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