One minute of junk

What special “junk” do you have?

I hold on to “junk” from my past because I fear the day when those memories are all I have. Having lost my mom at a young age, the reality of our mortality is constantly in my head. All I have left of my mom are my memories . . . and the sentimental “junk” that’s scattered throughout my house and even packed in boxes in my basement. I know one day all my daughter will have left of me are those memories, so I hold on to everything I can for her as well.


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8 responses to this post.

  1. I am exactly the same. Though I am not Catholic I keep a painting of “The Last Supper” and a crucifix that were my Babcia’s (grandmothers) to remind me of her. I also kept 2 small cake flags from my 3rd birthday G.I. Joe cake that she kept. All her old dishes, her sewing table etc. Things get cluttered. But that’s not all of her you have. You carry her around in your heart too, She’ll always be with you. Just like you’ll always be with your daughter.


    • I certainly understand the clutter! . . . And there are several religious things I hold on to as well, even though I’m not religious.

      I didn’t mean that the things are all I have . . . the way she’s carried in my heart is through my memories and those things help me remember.


      • I feel the same way with my clutter 🙂 Though I got a hefty dose of pack rat from my father who keeps everything in case he may need it one day. We’re talking bits of pipe, nuts, bolts, coffee cans from 20 years ago(he uses it to store said nuts and bolts) luckily it’s not a health or fire hazard just kind of funny.


  2. I am a hoarder.. Some sentimental and some just because I may need it or use it one day.

    My mother is still with me (82 years old) but you know as I get older I see her looking back at me in the mirror – I hope you see yours and that your daughter will see you…xx


    • {Smile} I do see my mom in me (and in my daughter as well) ❤

      And yes, I have plenty of other non-sentimental "junk" just because I may need it one day!


  3. My house is full of clutter. I think I inherited it from my dad, who is definitely a hoarder. I don’t think I am THAT bad, but I do hang on to old stuff that some might throw away.


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