Daily Prompt: Faith

FaithToday’s post is from the WordPress Daily Prompt:

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

It was my mom’s death – it didn’t make me question my faith so much as it pushed me to seek answers. My world crumbled and I wanted to know why. I wanted something to make being motherless at 16 somehow make sense.

I spent several years after my mom died searching through various religions . . . trying to find something that would just click with me. I watched extremely devout people and wondered how their faiths came to them . . . how they felt the way they did, how they believed in certain things without question. I stumbled my way through and across a few forms of Christianity, Buddhism, Wicca, Native American spirituality, Hinduism, Paganism, Unitarian Universalism, Humanism, and agnosticism.

I found my answers, but not in the way I was expecting . . . . though, I’ve noticed, that’s usually how things go. I never became one of the devout and discovered along my path that I don’t want to be. I’ve learned to embrace my eclecticism. I travel in and out of labels, choosing the one, or several, that best suit me in any given moment.

The discovery . . . the realization that I don’t need to understand the reasons of the universe . . . that I don’t need to make sense of tragedies . . . the release of a belief in divine intervention . . . has fulfilled me more than any one faith ever could.

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