Relocation in one minute

If you could live in any country other than the one where you are now, where would you live?

While there are so many countries I would love to visit, choosing the one in which I’d like to live is a bit difficult. I’d probably have to go with somewhere in the UK . . . though that could possibly have something to do with my obsession with Doctor Who 😛 . . . . I’d just have to be sure to stay out of London on Christmas!

My first stop once I move - The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales

My first stop once I move – The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales


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  1. Posted by Teknojo on June 15, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    Having wondered a fair amount of the planet and given it more then a bit of thought I would choose Australia. Many of my friends would likely assume, rightly so, that I would choose Japan. But Australia offers more in the way of diversity, both of people and terrain. It is also a bit cheaper to make the hop off from Australia to various places around the Pacific including Japan.

    I even know where I would buy a house: The Blue Mountains area, somewhere just outside of Katoomba. Beautiful place.


    • Australia and Japan are both on my list of the top 5 places I want to visit . . . Australia being first. I’ve never been out of the country at all, so it’s a bit more difficult to choose one place I’d like to live. I picked the UK because it’s not *too* far away and I won’t have to learn a new language . . . and, well, Doctor Who :p


  2. I think I would pick the UK as well. 🙂


  3. Love it. But Despite the danger I think I’d have to stay in London for Christmas. Wouldn’t want to miss the Doctor or the alien invasion. 🙂


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