The jerky notes emanating from the piano fill my room. I turn up the volume on my iPod, but I just can’t tune it out. She’s doing it again. She says I don’t understand her “quirks,” that she’s just having a little fun. She says I need to lighten up and enjoy life. I just want to get some sleep so I can make it through school tomorrow. I need to keep my grades up. College is my bright spot . . . my escape. Another year and a half and I’ll be free.

I take a deep breath and walk downstairs. The piano’s no longer in the living room. She’s moved it to the porch. A few of the neighbors are whispering to each other as they watch her walk across the keys.

I take her hand and gently guide her inside.

“Mom, did you forget to take your meds again?”


This piece was written for the VisDare 25: Precarious based on the image prompt above. The piece has to be 150 words or less.


16 responses to this post.

  1. You are so good at flash fiction! 🙂
    I laughed at first when I got to the end…then I felt bad for it because I felt sorry for the girl and her mom.
    Great way to take a picture and tell a story to match it! I love this!


    • Thank you! That really means a lot . . . I’ve never considered myself to be very good at writing fiction, but I’ve been enjoying the various writing prompts 🙂


  2. I agree, fantastic flash fiction! I’m looking forward to reading more 🙂


  3. Loved it!


  4. Very poignant. Wasn’t expecting that ending at all.


  5. Aw, well put, and an enjoyable read!


  6. I agree – this one starts on such a light note, and then the last line – wow. It’s such a great twist, a host of conflicting emotions twisted into one poignant snapshot. Glad to see you back in the VisDare crowd – I’ve missed you!!


    • Thank you . . . and thank you for posting the VisDares! I know I’m sporadic with my participation (and sometimes, like now, it takes me a while to get to the other entries), but I really enjoy . . . You provide great prompts!


  7. Very poignant. Some parents can be so embarrassing, with or without medication, or so my children tell me.


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