Blogging and routines and what it all means to me

I’m 5 days past the end of my post-a-day commitment. I swore I was going to continue blogging regularly and I meant to keep that promise immediately, but I’ve kind of just enjoyed keeping away from the computer this week. I’ve spent very little time online for any reason and while I can’t say I’ve accomplished much else otherwise, it was still pretty fabulous.

I have ideas running rampant through my head and I’m itching to put them into print. I’ve postponed the post regarding my new project until this coming Tuesday (edited on 7/9/13 – I’m postponing this another week). I want to take the time over the next few days to clear out my email and catch up on other computer- and online-related housekeeping. I’ve also decided to stick to some kind of blogging routine and in case one or two of you out there are interested, I figured I’d share my plan . . . . the starred days are the days that I plan to post every week, no matter what . . . on the other days, I’ll only post if I feel like it . . .

Sunday* – Silent Sunday
Monday – Writing prompt or challenge
Tuesday* – Personal post
Wednesday* – Quoting the Quill
Thursday – Book/movie review
Friday – Social commentary or politics/news related post
Saturday – Whatever day

The Sunday and Wednesday posts are kind of lazy (though I do actually put a decent amount of thought into each) and mostly serve to keep me thinking about my blog. The Tuesday post is to keep me writing and posting no matter what each week. As long as I have a finished book, the Thursday post should also happen every week. I’ve not been reading as much lately (I went from 4 books ahead on my read-50-books-this-year goal to just being on track), but I’m hoping to turn that around now.

I think having a consistent schedule will help keep me disciplined. I’m also hoping to cut down on the I-just-wrote-something-so-I-have-to-share-it-right-this-fucking-second thing.

This post was pretty much just for my benefit (sorry) . . . I needed to flush out my thought process. There are times when I think, “It’s just a blog, why do you think about it so much?” But after more than 2 years, this blog has become pretty damn important to me. It’s helped me become a better writer (I think anyway), it’s helped me connect with so many other fabulous writers, it’s helped me express the thoughts and feelings I have trouble verbalizing, and it’s helped me reach out to others who have experienced those similar thoughts and feelings.

So this silly little blog of mine is really so much more than a silly little blog. . . . Self-indulgent, yes (I’ve always admitted that), but serves multiple purposes nonetheless.

8/8/2013 – Edited to add . . . 

So it seems I shall be a toad has become a book blog. I didn’t intend for that to happen. I really did plan to write regularly about all of the things I said I was going to write about regularly, but, ya know, life (and work) happens.

I was feeling cruddy about letting my blog slip, but I decided that I’m not going to feel cruddy about it anymore. I enjoy blogging and I’m sure I’ll get back into some kind of regular something at some point, but for right now, I’m not going to force myself into a routine. It’s summer and that means more time with my little one . . . and more time to relax . . . and more time to work . . . and I like it that way.


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  1. Yea, my blog is self indulgent, too…but sometimes that’s a good thing 🙂


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