Book Review: InterWorld

InterWorldInterWorld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Rating: 3/5 stars

I stumbled across InterWorld at the library when I was looking for some of the young adult banned books on my to-read list. I’ve been devouring everything by Neil Gaiman that I can find, so I had to pick it up. It’s apparent in the writing that this is a collaboration. Gaiman has a distinct writing style that rarely shows itself in InterWorld. I always wonder how book collaborations work . . . who writes what and all that.

The book was fun . . . designed for the younger end of young adult and perhaps a bit younger. It felt much more like a young adult book than other Gaiman young adult books (more formulaic and predictable) . . . I assume because of it being co-written by Michael Reaves (with whom I was completely unfamiliar prior to read InterWorld). Still, the story was interesting and the characters were fun. It was a good “escape” book.

InterWorld is about Joey Harker, a teen boy who has a predilection for getting lost. He accidentally Walks between worlds one day and becomes immersed in life filled with infinite parallel worlds that fall somewhere on the spectrum between science and magic. Joey discovers an army of sorts in which all of the members are alternate versions of himself from those parallel worlds. They are Walkers who can pass between the worlds and they are tasked with keeping the balance between magic and science . . . and to fight against the evil agents of each who wish to rule all the worlds.

While reading InterWorld, I kept thinking that this would make a much better TV show than a book. Funny enough, when I read the Afterword by Gaiman and Reaves, I discovered that they originally planned to write this as a TV show but couldn’t find anyone who was interested. If it ever makes it there, I’d watch it.


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