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More unsolicited health advice for Melanoma Monday

Last year, I wrote mostly about the dangers of tanning. That information is certainly still relevant and I cannot stress enough how important it is to protect your skin and stay away from tanning booths, but I am not going to rehash everything I wrote last year. (Though, there will be some overlap, of course!) If you want to check out that information, here it is!

This year, for Melanoma Monday, I’d like to focus on how important it is to check your skin for moles and what to look for.

If you know me or have been reading my blog, you know I lost my mom to a reoccurrence of Melanoma. She was only 33 years old. When she was diagnosed 17 years ago, the cancer was found in her breast, her bones, and her brain. When she first diagnosed, she was only 17 years old and the cancer was found in a mole on her back.

The mole had changed shape and size before. She never got it checked out. From what I remember of the stories I’ve been told, it started bleeding one day and wouldn’t stop, and that is when she finally went to see a doctor about it.

This article from Daily Glow explain why checking your skin is important and how to check your skin. Read it. Remember the ABCDE rules. It could save your life!

A few quick tips for those who won’t click on the other links (but please, please do):

  • Tanning does NOT give you a “healthy glow” and it does NOT make you look younger. Tanning is your body’s way of repairing damaged skin and it AGES the skin!
  • Those with darker skin are NOT safe from Melanoma and other skin cancers. You may have some inherent protections, but skin cancer occurs in those of ALL skin types.
  • If you have a mole that changes size, shape, or color – go to the doctor!
  • Check your skin from head to toe once a month. Have someone else help with the areas you can’t see.

I’m going to end with a video I posted several times last year (and I am sure I will post it several times this year as well):