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Who decides if your child lives?

Imagine you’re a parent of a sick little girl. Her kidneys are failing her and you’re told that she’ll live for 6 months to a year without a transplant. But that’s what you’re here for, that’s why you’re at the hospital. You’re here to talk about your daughter’s transplant. You and your spouse intend to donate, if eligible. If not, you have an extensive family that wants to help out. You’ve researched and planned and you’re ready to move forward.

Until the doctor tells you that your daughter is not eligible for a transplant, solely because she is mentally retarded.

Disgusting, right? Unbelievable? That’s what I thought when my cousin sent me a link to this story last night. And it happened in my hometown . . . at a hospital I’ve been singing the praises of for years.

On January 10th, just one week ago, Chrissy Rivera, Amelia’s mother, was told that her daughter would not be able to get a kidney transplant at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) because she has brain damage and is cognitively impaired.

I take the most issue with Amelia’s doctor . . . someone whose duty it is to advocate for her best interests. Read her story, complete with his callous responses. He signed a death sentence for Amelia and sees nothing wrong with it. He disgusts me.

I also take issue with the medical profession in general. The fact that this is allowed . . . in 2012 . . . is absolutely fucking ridiculous! According to Ms. Rivera, this is not an isolated incident and it happens “across the map”.

If you want to help, please sign the petition at urging CHOP to allow Amelia’s transplant surgery. Share Amelia’s story . . . on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog, wherever! Share the petition. Help make a difference!

Cognitive functioning should *not* be a criteria for the right to live!